Four Things Great Enterprises Want in Mobile Inspections

By melanie masanque on April 30, 2014

Inspections are vital across all different verticals. In this day and age, more and more enterprise businesses are looking to get rid of their outdated and cumbersome paper processes. They are on the hunt for a mobile solution to aid in data collection. But what do great enterprises do differently? They focus on four important factors in having strong mobile inspections. 

1. Customization

You may have a dozen competitors, but that doesn't mean you have the same needs. Photo credit: Nina Matthews Photography via photopin cc

Enterprise companies collect detailed information specific to their business. This is why businesses often look into developing their own custom app. Hiring a developer to code a custom app for your business is not only expensive but can take a very long time. AnyPresence found in a 2013 survey that over half spent more than three months and $50,000. A quarter surveyed had spent six months and over $100,000 for a custom mobile app. 

You don’t have to spend that much time or money to get a great inspection mobile app. The GoCanvas app builder allows you to build your own form on our platform—no programming knowledge required. People with little technical knowledge have made thousands of apps with GoCanvas. In addition, changes are difficult to make once a custom app is developed. Making changes to GoCanvas forms is simple and can be made available to users within minutes of them being made.  And our cost? A small annual subscriber fee.

 2. Potential for Increased Efficiency

Inspection companies using paper often handwrite their notes, take photos, and then compile the data at a later time. This requires redundant data entry and takes away your inspectors from their real work.

GoCanvas allows you to enhance the data you collect and optimize your process.  You can take pictures, write comments, as well as collect other types of dynamic information such as location with GPS capture, time and date stamp, and calculations. Collect all of this information quickly, and without human error.

GoCanvas then generates this information into a standard PDF or CSV format that can be shared in real time with clients or back to the office for billing. We have clients saving hundreds of hours and thousands of dollars. Inspections are more efficient with GoCanvas.

 3. Easily Share Information

Photo credit: Nathan E Photography via photopin cc

As a large organization, you may have inspectors across the country or the world. Updating an inspection is a slow process. You create the changes, print the new inspection forms, and send them across a region or country. How long does this simple update take in your organization? Hours? Days? Or Weeks? Not only does this process cost you in time, it can also make your business shy away from change, crucial in the 21st century for business survival.

In addition, getting that same data to midlevel and upper level management can require hours of combining different spreadsheets and standardizing information. This tedious work prevents other work from happening. Worse, it provides opportunity for error in your data, making it even more difficult to understand what is happening on the ground. Instead of improving your business, they are struggling to understand what’s occurring on the ground.  

GoCanvas makes sharing information in both scenarios easier and faster. With the mobile app builder, it’s easy to edit. Once done, all updates can be sent in real time to your employees. They receive a push notification on their phone stating that the inspection is updated. Next time they open GoCanvas on their mobile device they will find the inspection updated. One major telecom provider has found that their B2B sales groups enjoy real time updates of their apps. Sales reps from Minnesota to Kentucky all receive information in real time.

Management also benefits because all inspections are sent to the cloud. There, it’s easy for management to do a mass export as a CSV or XML file. All the forms then arrive in one standard document. A major American retailer’s management used to spend hours collecting and formatting large standardized documents on their retail inspections. Today, they do a mass Excel export. What once took hours now happens in minutes with GoCanvas. 

4.  Platform Flexibility

A solution that functions across a number of different platforms is extremely valuable to businesses. Mobile apps should provide more options, not limit your technology choices. GoCanvas currently functions on iOS, iPad, Android Smartphones and tablets, Blackberry version 4.2 and higher, Windows Mobile version 5.0-6.5, and Windows desktop.  Whether you use Samsung tablets or iPhones, your business can enjoy time and money savings with GoCanvas. 

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