For World Paper Free Day, GoCanvas Dumps Toilet Paper

By katie simpson on October 24, 2013

This year we’re pulling out all the stops for world paper free day. We’ve decided to remove all paper from our offices. Not just our printer paper, but also napkins, paper towels, even toilet paper.

“It's not easy” CEO Jim Quigley said, “but we can’t continue to let paper based processes weigh down our business. Today, we show our dedication to making the world a paperless place.” He confirmed that this was not merely a stunt for world paper free day, rather the beginning of a 100% paperless office.

Hating paper is fundamental to our organization. GoCanvas provides a cloud-based software service that enables users to collect information using mobile devices, to share that information and to integrate data with existing backend systems. From time cards to invoices, GoCanvas spreads a new tech gospel: Abandon paper for mobile apps.

This hatred is more than just a business model, but also part of the culture. Like any startup, it has quirks, from beer in the fridge to arcade machines in the hallway. You know you are at GoCanvas when you hear chants of “Death to paper!” echoing down the hall.

As far as the recent policy change on paper, employees are for it. “We’re a flat organization.” Mary Qin, our business development manager explained. “We came to this decision collectively. It's a strong statement, but we believe in giving 100%.”

When asked about adaptations the office will need to make, Mary acknowledged, “it won’t be easy. But we have towels for people to use to wipe up spills as well as a handkerchief pile for anyone with a cold or a runny nose.”

What about going to the bathroom? She admitted, “it's more of an issue for the women than the men…But I’ll drink less water.”