For Mobile Workers, GoCanvas Increases Business Productivity

By katie simpson on October 11, 2013

As technology changes how we work, businesses benefit from an increasingly productive workforce. Still, Siemens reported that small to medium size businesses struggle most with waiting for communications and inefficient coordination (source). For these issues, GoCanvas provides an all around solution.

Time lags in communications waste organizations time and money. Siemens found the average cost from lost productivity was $5,246 per worker.  Our mobile apps solve this issue with real time submissions. No longer wait hours or days for information to return to your office. Submissions become available immediately in the cloud. With API webservices, GoCanvas provides seamless backend integration. With GoCanvas, waiting for information and data entry are history.

On top of time lags, inefficient coordination slows down your workers. From construction to logistics, communicating with remote workers isn’t easy. GoCanvas solves this issue with a light dispatch service. Pre-populate work orders or delivery confirmations easily from your office. Remote workers will receive a notification of the new dispatch in their account. GoCanvas makes communicating easy, so your workers can do more.  

Worried that you work in an environment too rough for smartphones? You can get GoCanvas on rugged tablets and devices. For our friends in Australia, one of these is Telstra Dave, a device that our partners at Telstra recently launched. Water, dust, and shock resistant, Dave can handle whatever your environment throws at him. Together, Telstra Dave and GoCanvas can address your communication issues.

Companies with a hundred employees or more could be
losing more than $500,000 a year (source). Are you ready to take your time back? Click here to learn more.