For Business or Pleasure: The Benefits of Checklists

By Joe Baldwin on February 8, 2014
Tags: Data Collection

Whether it’s in our personal or professional lives, we all have checklists. With our GPS, Image Capture and Grid features, Inspection checklists are one of the many ways our valued customers have come to implement GoCanvas.  In that spirit I thought it would be fun if I listed some of my own personal checklists…


My checklist for the perfect soul mate: 

  • Appreciates Celine Dion.
  • Isn’t judgmental.  See number 1.
  • Enjoys social dancing but know when to stop, which is generally right before you start sweating.
  • Wears excessive jewelry.
  • Finds me handsome.
  • Is casually complimentary for example, “hey handsome what should we do today?”
  • Has goals even if they don’t plan on accomplishing them.  
  • “I want to travel to another planet and maybe start a new civilization, want to come?” Yes!
  • Doesn’t have a guy friend called “Pierre” who works at a hair salon but doesn’t cut hair.
  • Likes Sinatra and Skittles.
  • Dislike Dasani Water and Maroon 5.


My checklist when it comes to the perfect job:

  • Good Health Benefits.
  • High tolerance for sarcasm and generally disruptive behavior.
  • Positive atmosphere.
  • Food.
  • Passionate leadership.
  • Beer.
  • Time limit on meetings.


My checklist for the perfect app:

  • Easy and Intuitive.
  • Good Customer Support.
  • Compatible across all Devices. 

The great part about checklists? Things fall on one side or the other. Either my date will or won’t laugh at “My Heart Will Go On”. Our kitchen is in the front of the office, revealing that we have good food and beer in the fridge. In business you need a little more information. Mobile apps make your job a little bit easier. 

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