For Business or Pleasure: The Benefits of Checklists

By Joe Baldwin on February 8, 2014

Whether it’s in our personal or professional lives, we all have checklists. With our GPS, Image Capture, and Grid features, Inspection checklists are one of the many ways our valued customers have come to implement GoCanvas.  In that spirit, I thought it would be fun if I listed some of my own personal checklists…



My checklist for the perfect mobile form:

  • Available across devices.
  • It is easy and enjoyable to use.
  • Adaptable across industries.
  • Contains the latest technology and features.
  • Saves forms easily in the cloud
  • Makes it easy to export and share documentation and records
  • Can turn data into company insight through Analytics.
  • Is able to compute calculations quickly and accurately
  • Can capture images for reporting and insight
  • Completely customizable
  • Has advanced integrations readily available
  • Improves data collection and company efficiency
  • Can help save time and money

My checklist for the perfect job:

  • Good Health Benefits.
  • Room to grow and learn within the company.
  • Positive atmosphere and progressive company culture.
  • Passionate and knowledgable leadership
  • Respectful and welcoming to individuals of all backgrounds.

My checklist for the perfect app:

The great part about checklists? They can help you organize your company’s internal processes to improve efficiency and save money. When you have all of the information you needed in one place, it is hard to make mistakes. In business, you need advanced tools to help you excel ahead of your competitors. Mobile apps make your job a little bit easier. Contact the team at GoCanvas to request a demo. Our system allows you to create your own checklist or mobile form with ease, or customize one from the GoCanvas App Store. Try GoCanvas for free today to get started!

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