For Archway Products, the Road to Growth Runs through GoCanvas

By Hayden Clinard on June 19, 2020
Tags: Case Studies, Data Collection


  • Industry: Manufacturing
  • HQ Location: Carrick on Shannon, Ireland
  • Website: Visit Here



The Case for GoCanvas

Archway Products is a leading manufacturer of road repair and maintenance products. Headquartered in Carrick on Shannon, Ireland, they offer a wide array of innovative services and products to keep highways and roads safe and smooth.  

Before GoCanvas, Archway Products was using triple carbon copy booklets: one copy for the client, one copy for the office, and one copy for storage. In order to expedite the process, their employees started taking pictures of the carbon copies and sending pictures back to the office. Even with this time-saving hack, it didn’t resolve the issues of poor handwriting and paperwork errors, and it was still increasingly cumbersome to process the data on the backend. That’s when Archway products decided there had to be an easier solution.



Archway Products was capturing a lot of information on paper, including 10-week inspections, accident reports, near miss reports, toolbox talks, material orders, daily time sheets, and much more. With GoCanvas they were able to capture all of that information in one application and streamline getting that information to the back office. The submissions are now able to come in automatically through our open API, integrating seamlessly with their other backend systems. This has been a huge time saver for their company, which has in return allowed the company to grow.


“GoCanvas was a pivotal piece of software that allowed us to scale our business, without which we’d never been able to dream of this.”

– Donal McNamee, Managing Director of Archway Products


The Results from Going Digital

“GoCanvas was a pivotal piece of software that allowed us to scale our business,” said Donal McNamee, Managing Director of Archway Products, “without [which] we’d never been able to dream of this.” 

Using GoCanvas has allowed Archway Products to scale the number of machines they can maintain. Each machine operator sends back at least one submission a day; as they’ve grown to around 22 operators, they are now receiving more than 22 form submissions daily, not including safety forms. Without GoCanvas, the back office wouldn’t have had the capacity to support that, but now the backend process is no longer a bottleneck for Archway Products.