Florida Zoo Captures Zipline Release Forms on GoCanvas Mobile Apps with iPads

By kalliopi vlastos on March 20, 2012

canvas apps for zoos

A zoo based in Florida has adopted GoCanvas Mobile Apps on iPads so it can eliminate the stacks of paper release forms piling up at its zipline course.

The zoo’s patrons previously filled out paper release forms prior to gaining access to the zipline and other ropes course activities. Now, they simply grab an iPad with preloaded GoCanvas apps for adults and minors. After reviewing the terms and conditions text, patrons date, print and sign the app with just a finger. The data is then transferred to the zoo’s online GoCanvas account where employees can view and query their submissions as needed. They also have the option to email a copy to the zoo patron if they request a copy.

GoCanvas affords this zoo an easy way to cut down on paper so it’s furry friends can keep the trees for themselves!

Using GoCanvas mobile apps to replace paper release forms has become increasingly more popular. Check out the prebuilt templates we have in our Application Store for everything from Medical Release forms to Skateboarding releases:

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