One Switch Makes Fire Truck Inspections Faster and Easier

By katie simpson on January 22, 2015

As a fire department, you're required by law to inspect your trucks regularly. But, if you're anything like the Pikesville Volunteer Fire Company (PVFC), you've struggled with incomplete fire truck inspections, information that didn’t pertain to the vehicle, and uncertainty on who inspected the vehicles. 

fire truck flat design. fire truck and dalmatian. fire truck dog. fire fighting vehicle. red fire truck. fire truck drawing. fire truck inspectionsProtecting your community starts by protecting your fire trucks.

But PVFC made one switch removing all these problems, as well as saving them hundreds of hours this year. What did they do? They ditched their fire truck inspections for mobile apps. Here are some ways a mobile fire truck inspection makes reporting easier and faster than ever before. 

Required Fields

With paper, you can bold, highlight, or put a dozen asterisks next to required fields. But nothing can require your firefighters to fill out those required fields. Even the most experienced fire fighters can forget a step in the inspection.  

Going mobile gives you the option of required fields. With one click, you can ensure that these fields have to be filled out. If someone skips the field, the app won't let them submit their inspection. 

This simple switch has ensured PVFC gets complete fire truck inspections every time. 

Conditional Screens

All your trucks are required to be inspected. But not every truck has the same equipment. PVFC, for instance, has a heavy rescue truck that doesn't have a pump. But with paper forms, volunteers had to know to skip that field. Issues like this slow down inspections and can cause confusion.

By going mobile, PVFC can use conditional screens to remedy this. For instance, PVFC volunteers pull up which truck they're inspecting. By choosing the heavy rescue truck, the mobile app shows only the inspection questions needed for that kind of truck. Afterwards, the PDF will only show the fields required for that report.

Conditional screens make fire truck inspections faster and clearer for both doing inspections and reading reports later. 

Reports Instantly Saved and Available in the Cloud

Another feature that PVFC and all GoCanvas customers enjoy: instantly saved reports in the cloud. Once their fire truck inspections are finished, all reports go immediately to the cloud. No longer do they have to worried about inspections getting filed properly or damaged from coffee. All reports are safe in the cloud.

Want to make searching for reports easy? You can create custom file naming based on entries in your fire truck inspections. For instance, you can have it named based on the truck type and date of inspection. A quick search will pull up the report you want in seconds. 

Say goodbye to bulky filing cabinets and hours looking for a report and hello to unlimited storage and easy access. 


PVFC estimates that by going mobile for their fire truck inspections and other documentation, that they've not only made inspections easier and more accurate but also saved their volunteer force hundreds of hours this year. Going mobile removes the confusion and common human errors seen in reporting. View our entire collection of Inspection and Survey mobile templates to start experiencing what going paperless is like. 

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