Why Fire Safety Professionals Love Mobile Fire Alarm Inspections

By katie simpson on January 20, 2015

Your work may not be glamorous, but fire alarm inspections keep buildings safe and saves lives every year. Documentation, especially in paper, has been a crucial part of your job. Today, more and more fire safety professionals are going mobile. They’re finding reporting becomes easier, and more accurate. Here’s how:

Automatic Filing and Naming Reports

With paper forms, after you finish the paper report, you have to return to the office and file it. This can include data entry, as well as taking time to put the report in the right place. 

Going mobile removes all these hurdles. After each report is finished, it is immediately saved and available in the cloud. Plus, you can create a filing system based on entries in your report. For instance, name your reports based on customer name and date. All submissions will take their name from the information inside your report, making it easy to find with one search.

Once you finish the inspection, all your work is saved and filed. No filing cabinet required. 

Less Text, More Photos

They say a picture’s worth a thousand words. Instead of lengthy text description about a fire alarm, take a photo. With a mobile app, one click and the photo can be embedded in the report. Many mobile app solutions, like GoCanvas, can even allow you to draw on top of it with notes about what’s broken.

You get visual confirmation that upholds your report’s integrity as well as faster reporting. 

Faster Equipment Lookup

Writing down the exact type of fire alarm in a residential or commercial building can be both tedious and time consuming. Plus, it’s easy to make a simple mistake, undermining your inspection report. Going with a mobile app, you can use reference data to create a list of fire alarms you inspect. 

One click, and you’ll have the right kind of equipment every time. 

Automatic Time and Date Stamp

Instead of spending time trying to remember what day it is, or fumbling for your watch, a mobile fire alarm inspection can automatically fill that information in. Not only does this make the inspection easier, but also provides validation that inspections happened at the correct day and time.

You get evidence, and reduce your workload. So you can focus on the details that matter. 

Easily capture out of range

Your work can take you into basements, stairwells, and other places where you have no internet access. Think that leaves you shackled to paper? Think again.

With GoCanvas, you can fill out your fire alarm report without any internet access. You can be disconnected for up to 30 days with GoCanvas. All reports will stay saved on your device. Once you get back into range, your reports will become available in the cloud. 


Your fire alarm reports are crucial to keeping people safe. You deserve reporting that lets you focus on the details that matter. Going mobile makes your reports, easier, and more accurate than ever before. Browse our collection of Inspection and Survey mobile templates or send us your paper form and we will convert your first form to a mobile app for free. 

Learn more about our inspection apps here and start improving your processes today! 



Cover photo credit: Genista via photopin cc