Fire Inspection Company Deploys GoCanvas on Android Samsung Galaxy Tabs Reducing Paper Usage by 60%

By Joe Gatto on September 19, 2011

Fire inspection with GoCanvas Mobile Apps

This well respected fire inspection company based out of New York City has been in business for over a decade. The company grew far beyond its roots of inspecting fire and sprinkler systems to providing a full range of maintenance and repair services. By developing relationships with local and national suppliers, they have been able to provide an affordable solution for their customers.

In addition to their growth and diversification of services, this family owned business has incorporated a range of technology to streamline their business processes. They keep the environment in mind by maintaining a fleet of vehicles which provide the best fuel mileage in their class and they take care to optimize technician routes to lower their carbon footprint. Their latest initiative in this area is the implementation of GoCanvas. By using GoCanvas on their Samsung Galaxy Tablets to perform fire system inspections, they have cut paper usage by over 60%! They built their own custom applications by rendering what was on standard paper forms to various mobile apps using the GoCanvas Application Builder. To experience some of the “off the shelf” fire inspection apps in the GoCanvas Application Store, click here.

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