Feature Focus: Review, Tag, and Search Reports in Seconds with Submission Status

By keith bateman on April 11, 2017

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Improve Internal Communication & Structure with Data Tags

Data collection isn't the only reason companies decide to make the switch to mobile forms.

They make the switch to platforms like GoCanvas because they want faster and easier ways to take the data they collect and be able to use it to make decisions and create reports.  With paper, you're forced to duplicate the action of manually re-entering the data that has already been collected back into your existing systems. This can easily add up to hundreds of hours of lost productivity, as is documented in many of our case studies, and result in an overall decline in operational efficiency. 

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So how does a feature like Submission Status help increase efficiency for a business? It's pretty simple, data organization!

The Submission Status feature allows companies to work out of their central cloud database within GoCanvas and organize it in a way that helps them boost the visibility of data across the entire organization without having to replicate or add other steps to their existing process. 

The Use Case For Your Business

When it comes to a business and its data, the more structure the better!

The Submission Status feature of GoCanvas is a fit for every industry and use case. It enhances the built-in Advance Search capability that is already offered and allows for the easy filtration of reports within your GoCanvas data folders rather than having to export everything to a 3rd party system. The ability to cut out the need for external data systems can dramatically increase the speed of decision-making and reduce the headache of having to work out of multiple data platforms. 

The Submission Status feature also helps companies who have multiple people on the backend accessing data to properly identify the reports that they are reviewing. This can help eliminate data duplication, misassignments, incomplete jobs, and more. 

That's why the best use cases for this feature are most often found in companies where they are having trouble finding or tracking the status of reports across a given time period. 

Our favorite use cases for Submission Status include: 

We strongly encourage users to enable this feature on all their apps/forms to see the impact it can have on their GoCanvas database!

How To Get Started

The Submission Status feature is available across every user plan of GoCanvas and can be enabled on a form by form basis. 

To get started, you would first log into your account at www.gocanvas.com and navigate to the My Apps section. Once there, you would click on the name of the Form/App that you wish to enable this feature on. 

Canvas Apps and Forms

You should now be on the App Details screen. Proceed to scroll down the page until you come to the section marked “Options”. Here you will see several different functions that you can edit for this particular App/Form. 

Click the blue “Submission Status” button to proceed in enabling this function. 

Submission Status Icon

Now you will be able to setup the various tags for your reports. 

Simply check the box that says “Enable Submission Status” and begin typing in the name of the tags or statuses that you want to add to your reports. Keep in mind that every tag or status you create will be able to be retroactively added to your past, as well as future, submission PDF reports. 

Submission Status

Now it's time to start organizing your reports!

Scroll to the navigation bar at the top of the screen and click on Submissions. Once there, click on the App/Form that you enabled Submission Status on. 

You will now be viewing all the reports you have submitted(as pertains to your privilege level). The differences to this section will now be obvious. On the right side of the “Submissions” section, there will be a column that says “Status”. Each report will show the new default status of “No Status”. This can now be changed to the status that you have previously created in the “Options” menu. 

Choose a Submission Status

Once you have finished tagging your reports, proceed to test out the Advance Search functionality. 

This is an important step as it will show you the power of tagging your reports and the ability to quickly filter/find the data you need in seconds. Simply click the “Advance Search” tab to open the search bar. Proceed to setup the parameters for the records that you are searching for within your GoCanvas database. When you are ready to begin your search, click on “Select a submission status” and choose which tags you want to include in your search. 

For example, you could choose to look for reports within the “Invoices” App/Form from January 1st to January 31st, in the state of Florida, that have the status of “Overdue”. This is a quick and concise search of invoices for a geographical location that have been marked as lacking payment.  

Select Submission Status

That's it! You can now duplicate this across all the Apps/Forms in your account to easily tag and organize your reports as they come in. 

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