Feature Focus: Create, Assign & Manage Tasks More Efficiently with Dispatch Calendar

By keith bateman on June 14, 2017

Dispatch Calendar

Eliminate Missed Appointments & Improve Back Office Productivity

In many businesses today, the daily organization and management of a mobile workforce can be extremely time-consuming.  It often involves the creation of complex spreadsheets and/or using of multiple calendars in order to accurately track assignments. The organization of these tasks can easily take 1-2 hours per day and result in the office staff having to work overtime in order to ensure the proper completion of every activity.  In addition, Office Dispatchers often have to deal with manual processes including: 

  • The creation, printing, and distribution of daily dispatch schedules
  • Call, texting, or emailing of tasks to field employees
  • Creation of spreadsheets and reports to measure productivity

Does this kind of inefficiency sound familiar within your company? If so, you need Dispatch Calendar!

With the release of the brand-new Dispatch Calendar, GoCanvas users now have the ability to quickly create, manage, and assign 100's of weekly tasks from a single screen. There is no more navigating between different screens, software programs or employee calendars; Dispatch Calendar conveniently places every task right at your fingertips. 

Best Use Cases for Dispatch Calendar

When evaluating whether your company should implement Dispatch Calendar, you should first take a look at how you process and assign daily tasks today.

Dispatch Calendar Animation

Does your office staff have to manually write out the details of daily or weekly appointments? Do they have to reproduce these details across various systems? Do you have to wait until the end of the day or week to receive reports and view whether or not all appointments and tasks have been completed?

If you answered “YES” to any of the above questions, then Dispatch Calendar is a feature that could have a major impact on the daily productivity of your business. It is as simple as using Google Calendar but with the additional benefits that come with using a mobile data collection platform. You are now able to easily manage a single calendar of all your employees' tasks that connects to both your data collection solution (GoCanvas) as well as their personal calendar programs (Gmail, Outlook, etc). 

This is also a feature that can work across various use cases and is not just for those who already utilize dispatching software.  Additional industries that could benefit from this feature include:

  • Field Service – Electricians, Plumbers, HVAC technicians
  • Moving / Shipping / Logistics
  • Inspection
  • General Contracting
  • And more!

How to Get Started with Dispatch Calendar

It is super simple to enable Dispatch Calendar for your GoCanvas account!

Anyone on a GoCanvas free trial will instantly have access to the feature and simply needs to navigate to the “Dispatch/Workflow” section of their account. By simply clicking “Enable” on the banner, the old GoCanvas Dispatch tool will be transformed into the more intuitive, Google-like Dispatch Calendar.  An example of the banner message you will see is below. 

For paid GoCanvas subscribers, the process works the same way. If you're a current GoCanvas subscriber on the Professional subscription plan, this feature is readily available and can be enabled the same way. If you are not on the Profession Plan, but would still like to try out Dispatch Calendar, click here to request more information!

Dispatch Calendar

More Information on Dispatch Calendar

Looking to learn more about how this feature works and how it could benefit your business? Check out the 3-minute tutorial video below to see if Dispatch Calendar may be right for you!


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