Feature Focus: Share Data in Seconds with GoCanvas’s Quick Connectors

By keith bateman on March 29, 2017

Canvas Integration Connections - Mobile Device

Connecting Your Business Data to the Right Places

The power of GoCanvas comes from the ability to take an old, worn down process like filling out paper forms and converting it into something as powerful as having access to your entire filing cabinet right from the palm of your hand. 

While it's amazing to not have to worry about lugging around folders and paperwork anymore, this only takes away half of the pain for most business professionals. The second part of the problem is making sure that the data being collected is able to get to the right people, places, and systems without the need for manual interference.

So how can GoCanvas assist? Quick connectors! 

Data Integrations in Minutes, Not Months

What is a “quick connector”? It is a fancy name that I have given to the five built-in data connections that GoCanvas has created with Google Drive, Box, DropBox, Salesforce, and Evernote. These connections allow you to avoid the whole “custom integration” process and simply authorize access to the service that you wish to connect your GoCanvas database to!

Canvas Folder shareThe purpose of creating these “out-of-the-box” integrations was to allow businesses to quickly share their GoCanvas data with their internal cloud-based programs without having to spend hours or weeks on specs for a complex backend integration. We chose these five programs based on customer survey data and the realization that these programs were being utilized internally by a majority of our clients already.

The Positive Impact on Your Business Data

If you're still using paper, then you probably have no idea where the reports you filed last week are located. I can guess that they're likely found in the bottom of one of the many filing cabinets still being used to insecurely store your business' work orders, invoices, time sheets, and more.

But what if you need to pull a report for a customer who is disputing a transaction? What if a supervisor needs to pull data together in order to run a weekly report of jobs completed and revenue collected? A filing cabinet instantly becomes a useless $300 paperweight in any of these data analysis scenarios. 

Whether you download a mobile form from our library of 20,000 templates or build your own, GoCanvas gives your business the ability to instantly digitize your data and make it available to the people who need to see it in real-time. The quick connectors allow your business to focus on analyzing the data being collected, using the systems that you prefer using and already have in place. Now instead of rummaging through 1000's of paper forms and files in order to find a customer invoice or report, you can simply open up Dropbox or Box and search by the client's name to view their entire service history.Canvas integration to Google Drive, Box, Evernote, Dropbox

The quick connectors can also help you in many other ways including:

  • Automatically organize PDF files by field name including Customer Name, Project Name, Location, and more
  • Attach PDF Files to customer Leads or Contacts created in Salesforce 
  • Create a Note in Evernote based on new GoCanvas Submissions

What Use Case is Right For Your Business

Whether you are using Salesforce or Google Drive, using the quick connectors are a no-brainer. These integrations give your business more visibility into their data as well as eliminating the need for manual sorting and organizing of data on the backend.

Look for more information? Be sure to take a look below for more information on each connector! And remember, the setup literally takes two minutes. So if you're interested, click here to get started!Google Drive, DropBox'

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