Feature Focus: Automate Data Sharing with Auto Upload

By Keith Bateman on September 1, 2017
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Never Worry About Missing Submissions Again

Sometimes our devices lose connection to the internet and it stinks. Even though we're able to still fill out our mobile forms, we're unable to transfer the data to the cloud until the connection to the internet is restored. 

This issue forces us now to look like that awkward person holding their phone in the air trying to find an internet connection. Until we're able to restore this connection, the data we just collected will simply sit on our device and be useless.

But what if there was a way to have our pending data submissions automatically upload whenever our device regained internet connection, without any manual intervention? Meet the Auto Upload feature from GoCanvas. 

Benefits of Enabling Auto Upload

No matter what industry you work in, having consistent internet coverage is something that is hard to guarantee. This is why GoCanvas allows for the collection of data while being offline, as well as online. 

But even with this functionality, some companies still had issues with field workers not properly uploading submissions that they had captured while being offline. Essentially these workers would fill out and complete a mobile form, press Sync, and close the GoCanvas app. But at some point during this process, they lost coverage, so the submission wasn't properly uploaded and the office never received it. This submission could sit for days on the user's device until he/she logs back in, syncs, or does an additional submission. 

Auto Upload Submissions - Canvas

But with the Auto Upload feature, this situation can now be totally avoided. 

Auto Upload will allow GoCanvas to detect when your device reconnects to internet coverage and automatically upload any pending submissions. This means that you could be filling out a new mobile form, or even using a different app on your device, and GoCanvas will automatically upload any pending submissions you made while offline!

Getting Started with Auto Upload

Setting up this feature for your GoCanvas mobile forms is pretty simple! You just need to enable it within the settings menu of the GoCanvas App on your mobile device. This feature is also available for all trial and subscribers of GoCanvas!

Auto Upload - Submissions

Auto Upload can be enabled across both the GoCanvas IOS and Android apps, with there being only a couple minor differences in functionality.

You can learn about how to enable and setup this feature in just seconds by reading our help topic!

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