Faster and Easier: Why Accounting Departments Are Going Paperless

By nick linsmaye on June 17, 2014

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We’ve all heard that it’s good for the environment to go paperless, but did you know it’s also good for business? Maybe your boss or your boss’s boss might prefer a paper copy of high-level reports. Going paperless, then, can seem like a waste.

But the benefits of going paperless are measurable time savers and can help run your business more smoothly, especially for accounting. Here are just some of the benefits of a paperless accounting department.

Faster Information

Accounting departments around the world find amazing time savings by ditching paper. In a faster, digital world, paper hasn’t kept up. You can send an email in seconds, but getting a piece of paper back to the office? It takes employees hours or days. Working in an increasingly digital world, the time lag in paper is costing you precious time and money.

Going with mobile apps allows accounting departments to receive invoices, estimates, purchase orders all returning in real time. Every form filled out on a mobile app is sent directly to the cloud. What once took hours or days, now is available for processing instantaneously.

The result? You enjoy faster sale cycles, quicker reimbursements and less time chasing information down.

Quickbooks Integration

Sales orders. Invoices. Estimates. Time cards. GoCanvas and Quickbooks offer all of these pre-made integrations that you can download for free! All you have to do is sign up for Quickbooks on GoCanvas. Or view our collection of Professional Services mobile form templates in the GoCanvas Application Store for more inspiration on processes you can digitize and automate with GoCanvas.

Not only will you get information more quickly back to your office, but you’ll also be able to skip another painful process: data entry. Integration ensures that your employees fill out information once, and it will become available in your databases in real time.

It’s the best thing since sliced bread. In fact, it’s the greatest thing since boutique toast.

Prevent Losses of Information… and Time

We’ve all been there. You’re looking on top of, in, and under your desk for that document you just hand in your hand. You just saw it, but… Yep. It’s lost. Now you need to either redo the work or get the same information again from your co worker, from whom you’ve already asked enough favors recently.

Does this feel like it happens often? You’re not alone in that. PWC found that 11% of documents are lost or misfiled by businesses. This is not only an awkward situation but also costs money.  it’s also an easily preventable situation for which mobile apps has a solution.

Mobile apps not only ensure all your information returns from the field, but also easy to find with a quick search in the cloud. They come with a bunch of side benefits, including: ability to share your work with a coworker through form dispatch, ability to archive information instantly, and the ability to seamlessly send report, invoices and anything else to customers anywhere.

Security and Accountability

Unlike a piece of paper, having your documents in the cloud with dual encryption provides a greater level of security that protects your data and your peace of mind. No need to worry about shredding old documents or forgetting about proprietary paperwork you left on your desk for the night. With mobile apps, you control your information from anywhere, at anytime.

Data Mastery

Rather than having to manually calculate your data before submitting a report, with mobile apps, you can calculate information automatically within an app right when the variables are filled in.  

GoCanvas takes this even further. For instance, if you consistently fill out a particular type of form, such as an invoice, you can have subtotals added,apply a tax rate, or subtract a payment. But if you already use Excel for your calculations, you can easily import this data and submit a clean report through GoCanvas.

Don’t want to ditch your company’s cool letterhead? Well, you don’t have to. (Source: Wikimedia)

Editing Data

Mobile apps improve data for lots of companies. No longer do you have to squint over ambiguous text. You don’t lose information between the field and your office. But human error still happens.

Forget erasers or white out. GoCanvas allows you to modify your information without the sweat of having to cover up your old mistake. Even if you have already submitted a report with a mistake, you can still edit a submission with ease.

So you can re-enter a customer’s name with correct spelling. Correct your inventory numbers or parts used by a technician.

Continual Improvement

Updating paper forms causes multiple hassles for your accounting department. Sure, you can create a new update with in the day. But it also requires printing new forms, ensuring that the old ones are thrown out, and it can take days or weeks for people to adjust. What does that mean for your accounting department? Weeks worth of headaches and teaching people to give you the proper information.

With mobile apps, you can edit your mobile apps all the time, easily without any additional costs. GoCanvas has an app builder that requires no coding knowledge, just a drag and drop interface. Even better? These edits can be sent out to your team in minutes.

While you want to edit and update your forms, the technology will grow with you. At GoCanvas, we’re working every day to make our mobile apps stronger, faster, and better suited for how you do business. So even though the benefits of going paperless with your accounting are already substantial, the benefits will only continue to get more compelling as time goes on.

For example, GoCanvas mobile forms got even more functional and easier to use last month with a whole host of exciting new features. Rather than waiting to switch to when things get even better, though, your company would benefit most by switching now to a digitized accounting department. Besides wine, few things get better with age. GoCanvas is one of them.

In the end, paperless accounting departments benefit in a ton of ways. They save time on their administrative processes, have safer and stronger data, and mobile apps allow them to compete and innovate in a rapidly changing business environment. Going green isn’t just good for the environment, but also their bottom line. Browse our collection of Finance & Insurance mobile templates.

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