Engineering Firm Using GoCanvas Mobile Apps and Droid 2 by Motorola for Site Inspections

By Jason Good on March 12, 2012

engineering company uses droid 2 for job reports

Engineering firms depend on their contractors to deliver the vision they promised for their customer.  Regular inspections of the job site are required in order to ensure that vision becomes a reality and they end up with a happy customer.  Large public or private projects are highly visible to the public, too.  One of our newest customers has moved their Site Visit Report from paper over to a customized GoCanvas Mobile App in order to ensure that these reports are transmitted back to their office quickly, are completely legible, and are not destroyed in the rough and tumble world that is construction engineering. Read more…

This customer came to GoCanvas seeking a way to replace their paper Site Visit Report with an electronic version that could be filled in on their Motorola Droid 2 smartphones.  At GoCanvas they worked with one of our Mobile App Consultants to customize a solution.  When we work with customers we not only want to review their current form, but we also want to review their entire workflow.  We want to know who is filling the forms, where they go next, who else interacts with them, and where they are ultimately filed and stored.  What we find is that many forms are filled out on paper in the field and then ride around in a truck for a while (maybe days or weeks at a time!) and then make their way back to an office where some poor soul has to type all of the data back into a computer system of some sort.

This engineering firm needed to document some basic information when conducting a site inspection.  They wanted to document whether a contractor was onsite or not, how many foreman were there, the number of laborers and operators, and the kind of equipment, too.  The project name and number is captured for easy record-keeping.  Of course a time and date stamp is captured to document when the report was completed.  General notes about the work being completed that day are also captured.  If the job is on schedule or not then that is also entered onto the report.  All of this data is then emailed to a company address where folks in the office can review the report immediately if necessary.  The GoCanvas email options allow them to specify an email address so all reports are emailed to the same place when the report is completed.

All of the reports are stored safely in the cloud on Canvas’s website and can be accessed anytime from anywhere.  Our new advanced search functionality for submissions allows customers to search across all of their data and find the data they need quickly and easily.  So if this engineering firm needs to produce a paper trail, well, that is easier than ever with GoCanvas!!

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