Engineering Company Using Android Smartphones and GoCanvas to Inspect Large Projects

By Jason Good on February 10, 2012

engineering company using canvas and android

Large engineering companies run a lot of projects and their projects can also be very, very large.  Building roads, bridges, and large buildings are complex projects.  They are also very dangerous projects.  The safety of sub-contractors doing work on the sites is critical.  One of Canvas’s latest customers is one of these large companies and they needed a more efficient way to inspect their job sites.

This particular firm needed something very customized for their business.  So they used Canvas’s powerful App Builder to build their own custom Apps.  One thing that was very important to them was the ability to capture photographs during their inspections.  A photo clearly documents safety hazzards so everyone involved in fixing the problem knows exactly what needs to be done.  GoCanvas easily allows them to capture photos and insert them into their custom reports.  They can then type any details about the safety violation and also type out what course of action needs to be taken to fix the problem.

Capturing GPS coordinates was also a necessity.  Large road construction projects can stretch our for miles and miles.  With GoCanvas they can insert a Google map pinpointing the location of the issue.  This makes it very easy for everyone in the office to know where exactly the problem is located.  In the App Builder they easily added a GPS capture field to their App.  The “drag and drop” functionality of Canvas’s App Builder makes this a snap. 

A final key to this was their ability to quickly build and deploy Apps to a workforce that is very spread out.  With GoCanvas they can easily change their App and push out the latest version to all of their users.  They can build specific Apps that are tailored to specific projects.  And when new employees join the company, it is easy to add users to their GoCanvas account and push all of the Apps out to them, too. 

GoCanvas allows them to email these reports immediately back to the office.  So the folks who are not on site can easily see where a problem exists and what exactly it is.  This allows a very big company running very large projects to be more on top of their business than ever before.