Energy Audit Services Co. Leads by Example Goes Green on Android – Featured GoCanvas Subscriber

By Joe Gatto on April 4, 2011

Energy auditer deploys Androids and Canvas

Demand-Side Management (DSM) programs consist of the planning, implementing, and monitoring of activities of electric utilities that are designed to encourage consumers to modify their level and pattern of electricity usage.  The concept of DSM was developed in response to the potential problems of global warming and the need for sustainable development, and the idea that improved energy consumption represents the most cost effective option to reduce the impacts of these problems. DSM refers to the cooperation between the utility and its customers, sometimes with the assistance of third party energy service companies.

It is one such energy service company that is our GoCanvas featured subscriber of the week. This client has been performing both commercial and residential energy audits on behalf of both gas and electric utilities for several years. Prior to GoCanvas, their skilled personnel were deployed to execute these audits and quality assurance inspections using various custom paper forms. With this common approach to data-collection came all of the inadequacies associated with this method of the gathering of critical information. The time and resource involved in redundant data entry, time linked to the decoding of messy hand-written forms and the delay in the processing of this data while waiting for field personnel to deliver the paper forms back to the home office.

In comes GoCanvas. Today, not only is this information being captured through a simple, easy-to-use mobile app but they are leveraging the power of their Android Smartphones to incorporate photographs and GPS locations of inspected properties. Not to mention…all of this is delivered in real-time back to the home office for immediate action.  This GoCanvas subscriber is planning on completing more than 10,000 residential energy audits as well as commercial and utility inspections.  Another fine example of how GoCanvas is changing the way businesses do business!

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