Empathy Drives Design

By James W Quigley on August 2, 2016

canvas 8 logo

I’ve talked a lot about the importance of our company’s culture in this blog – in particular how empathy and empowerment inspire creativity and foster innovation. In GoCanvas, we have seen firsthand that when we give a team the autonomy to act for themselves while in turn drive them to passionately understand our customers, they generate creative solutions. When enabled to act on the best of these, you see great things happen really fast.

Empathy Meets Design

This philosophy lies in the DNA of GoCanvas 8, the latest update to our Platform and App. Intuitive and natural were key themes during the UI/UX design phase of nearly 12 months, but empathy for our subscribers played a significant part in influencing GoCanvas 8.  Beyond just automating their forms, we continue to build into our solutions features that address our customer’s deeper “Why” and ultimately how we can help them as they grow their business in a mobile-first world. We put on their shoes and walked their roads to invest in further understanding how our platform can meet their needs – sometimes showing our subscribers opportunities they didn’t see for themselves! Taking this approach, we have a new experience that is so natural, it becomes pervasive and second nature.

Dedicated to empowering our customers’ workforces, we put them within easy reach of the platform and tools that release a great deal of creative change – so THEY can innovate in a mobile-first world. We see this firsthand as our customers automate how work is done with unprecedented ease and speed, streamlining processes to free them up to do whatever their real work is – not get bogged down by outdated working practices. But it goes much further than this. We see customers innovating every day by using our platform to do much more with their data – be it to gain immediate customer feedback, or maybe to understand where the best performing sales people are located or the ability to create a mailing list and many more scenarios…Canvas expands the possibilities for your data.