Elevation Launches Lift Supplementary Tests Application Store!

By Michael Benedict on January 18, 2013
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Elevation Launches Lift Supplementary Tests Application Store!

Elevation Magazine targets the British Lift Industry.  It is the UK’s only lift trade magazine and provides an open forum for issues of common interest. Ish Buckingham, Elevation’s Managing Director and Editor, helps those in the lifts industry with everything from promoting their views and providing a common voice on matters of mutual interest, to informing decision-makers, such as Architects and Property/Facility Managers of the products and services available from the Lift Industry.  Ish is always looking at how he can help his industry counterparts become more efficient, and so partnered with GoCanvas to turn the Supplementary Lift Tests into mobile apps!

Now you can complete these tests on your smartphone or tablet, take pictures of noted problem areas and upload them into your report. You can even require GPS location on these inspections, ensuring testers were actually “at the site” when they performed the inspection. Once the test is completed, a PDF is automatically generated that you can email and is stored in your account in the cloud, meaning you can easily search for inspection reports right in your GoCanvas account. No more rummaging through file cabinets to find those paper inspections!

Ish converted all 22 Supplementary Tests for Lifts into mobile apps, and they are now immediately available for downloading. Here are just some of the Supplementary Tests available:  Supplementary Tests Annex A-1 Elevator Earth Continuity, Supplementary Tests Annex A-5-Lift Machine Investigatory Test Type ASupplementary Tests Annex A-12 Elevator Energy Dissipation Buffers and even Supplementary Tests Annex A-21 Elevator Traction Brake and Levelling

Check out all the Supplementary Test mobile apps on the Elevation Application Store.  If you can’t find the form/mobile app you want, you can always suggest a new form and Ish will do his best to develop it.

Do you have interesting forms and are looking to offer them as mobile apps? Send me a note and let’s talk.  We offer numerous incentive programs for companies that can be implemented very quickly.  Please contact Mike Benedict, VP, Application Store at michael.benedict@gocanvas.com.