Electric Gas Group Replaces Paper Agreement with Customized iPhone App on GoCanvas

By scott shea on August 14, 2012

Electric Gas Group

Electric Gas group is an authorized energy marketing company.  The goal of the company is to assist businesses in reducing the cost of their natural gas and/or electric bill by up to 15% annually.   With prices as high as they are today, these types of savings cannot be overlooked.

Electric Gas Group identifies potential entities that could save a significant amount on their gas and electric bill.  Once identified, information about the company needs to be captured by the Electric Gas Group representative.  This is often done out in the field while visiting businesses.  In order to maximize time and efficiency, the business was in need of a mobile solution that could effectively capture and relay data in real time.  GoCanvas was the perfect solution.  With the assistance of a GoCanvas Mobile Apps Consultant, Electric Gas Group was able to build their very own customized app!

The app itself covers all the bases needed for a proper assessment of the entities energy needs and spells out the terms and conditions to the potential client.  They start off by entering basic information on the facility and are even able to capture the exact location of the facility with GoCanvas GPS capture.   The Electric Gas Group Representative will fill out the information from the current gas bill and snaps a quick photo of the account in order to ensure accuracy for processing.  The client then reads over all the necessary disclosure information before signing the agreement.  GoCanvas can capture the signature right on the mobile device with just a finger!

Once the form is complete, the Electric Gas Group Representative can email a copy of the just signed agreement to the client.  The client will receive a PDF in just seconds.  Also, once the form is submitted, it will hit the GoCanvas servers and store in the GoCanvas Cloud.  Back at the office, anyone with permission will be able to see the new agreement in real time and start the next step to saving the client money!

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