An Easier Method for Strong HACCP Programs

By katie simpson on November 19, 2014

Before customers cook the chicken, you ensure it arrives safe and sound. Photo credit: USDAgov via photopin cc

Are you struggling to create a great HACCP program? Creating and maintaining a strong program isn't easy. Fifty years ago, there were only four known food borne pathogens. Today? There are nearly thirty recognized pathogens.

What does that mean for you? Whether you're a large or small business, you have a heavier burden of safety and training your employees.

Safety regulations aren't going away. But there is a way to make your HACCP documentation easier, faster and more accurate. Here's how mobile HACCP documentation, including inspections, checklists, and hazard analysis, is helping companies stay safe and competitive. 

Improved training

By going mobile it's easy to create step by step training for your employees. At GoCanvas, we've had fortune 500 companies use mobile apps for training, as well as small firms. All employees can have access to this training on their device. 

You can easily test new employees as well: They can submit test inspections from their device. All reports go straight to the cloud, or can be automatically emailed to their supervisor. With an easy to read PDF, the supervisor can see quickly who's ready and who needs some more work.

Imagine, you can easily create reports on training, spend less time on data entry, and get employees trained more quickly. 

Better oversight

Mobile apps: get the inspection information as if you were really there. Photo credit: USDAgov via photopin cc

You can have the best HACCP program on paper but if you never implement it? Won't be much help to your business. Worse, it's hard if your employees don't follow the rules. Great HACCP programs create both specific monitoring requirements as well as frequent monitoring.

With a mobile app, it's easy to ensure that you monitor every CCP in your business. You don't have to worry about inspections missing crucial parts. If the required fields aren't filled out, your inspectors won't be able to submit their report.

In addition, you can harness information you weren't able to use previously. Add visual confirmation that equipment is working properly. You can have automatic time and date stamps on every inspection. When an employee opens the mobile app, the report can automatically record when the inspection was being filled out. 

If you ever need to check your safety record, you'll have a strong record of a great HACCP in action. 

Faster corrective action

If a CCP isn't under control, you don't want to wait hours or days to fix it. But with paper forms, it can take that long just to get back to the office. Do you have that much time to waste? 

Every mobile inspection, checklist, or report submitted is available immediately in the cloud. There the back office and management can see an issue. In real time, you can start fixing the issue. 

Flexible to update and change

Regulations may not be going away, but they can always change. Just as you seem to get used to the old regulations, laws change and update the policy. This creates added pressure on your business. You need to notify employees, redo training materials, and update inspections. This all takes time, a resource you never want to waste.  

If you go mobile, this process is easier and faster. With a mobile software service like GoCanvas, you can easily create changes to your documentation in seconds and push them out to all your users. Next time they open their mobile app, the forms they use will be updated to reflect new policies. What once could have taken days or weeks to distribute can be done in seconds. 

Plus, the very tools you used previously to ensure oversight can help with adoption of new policies. New fields can be required, to ensure that your inspectors don't forget. You can also send out an updated training app to help show employees changes they need to make in their reporting. 

Changing regulations will always cause some stress for business. But by going mobile, you can adapt to those changes more quickly, and easily than ever before. 


The HACCP approach is the gold standard of the food safety industry. In 2007, the World Health Organization recognized it as the most effective means to prevent food borne illnesses. 

You can achieve this standard without miles of paperwork, or hundreds of hours of data entry. By going mobile, you can make your program easier, faster, and more accurate than ever before. 

You can cure your compliance ills

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