How to Make Your Driver’s Daily Log Easy, Accurate, and Fast

By katie simpson on January 26, 2015

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In transportation, speed is crucial for your work. But driver daily logs are often time consuming, inaccurate, and require additional administrative work.

But with one switch to a mobile driver’s daily log, you could have faster and more accurate driver logs, saving your business hundreds of hours a year. Here’s how:

Receive Driver’s Daily Log in Real Time

With drivers going vast distances, it can take days, if not weeks for their logs to come back to the office. Losing that much time can put a huge pressure on your office staff to process these logs quickly to pay every two weeks or every month.

With a mobile driver’s daily log, all reports come back to the office in real time. Once drivers finish their reports, it’s immediately available in the cloud. 

No more last minute pressure, or worrying about missing forms. Processing for payment becomes easier for all involved. 

More Accurate Logs

How often do you receive daily logs that are incomplete? How many have gotten lost? Even seasoned drivers can forget a step on a paper form, or ruin a form with coffee. Human error happens. Still, it undermines your ability to track labor costs and ensure you are up to compliance.

Going mobile removes human error. You can make fields required, ensuring that you never miss important information again. Mobile apps can also do calculations for you. From how much time drivers spent on the road to how many miles were driven.   

With a mobile driver’s log, your business will spend less time double checking for errors, and more time getting real work done. 

Find Files in Seconds

Driver’s Daily Logs are crucial for business, but finding them after the fact? That can be a nightmare. Sometimes, they’re right where they need to be in a filing cabinet. A few logs always find a way to get misfiled, making the record near impossible to find. 

By going mobile, all driver’s daily logs are immediately available in the cloud. A simple search can pull up the record you need in seconds. With GoCanvas, you can name each file based on entries in the driver’s log, including date or the driver’s name. 

You’ll never spend time on filing or finding files again. Even get rid of those filing cabinets, and reclaim your office space. 


Paper driver’s daily logs are costing you in more administrative work and giving you inaccurate information. By going mobile, you can easily track your labor costs, cut down on administrative work, and make decisions in real time for your business. 

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