Dental Compliance Firm Adopts HIPAA Compliant GoCanvas Apps on iPads

By kalliopi vlastos on March 6, 2012

Canvas Mobile Apps for Dentists

A consulting firm based out of Florida has adopted GoCanvas mobile apps on iPads to mobilize its efforts to help dentists protect their dental licenses through compliance and inspections for compliance related issues.

The firm’s reps travel to various dentists’ offices equipped with a GoCanvas Clinic Inspection app they formerly filled out on paper. Now they utilize advanced features like photo capture to document compliance in various sections of the app. The firm has no need for cameras since GoCanvas allows you to capture photos and integrate them directly with the app.

Once the reps fill out the entire inspection, they upload it to GoCanvas and it immediately becomes available online in their GoCanvas accounts. The firm has taken advantage of Canvas’s  HIPAA Compliance feature by enabling it to ensure that they aren’t in violation of any regulations either. GoCanvas helps keep all parties in check!

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