Demmer Corp. Leverages GoCanvas Mobile Apps For Equipment Manufacturing Process

By James W Quigley on November 15, 2012

Demmer Corp. Leverages GoCanvas Mobile Apps For Equipment Manufacturing Process

Manufacturing plant employees use more than 30 GoCanvas apps on iPads, iPhones to replace more than 150 forms and paper-based processes



Reston, VA (PRWEB) November 15, 2012

Canvas today announced that Demmer Corporation, a leading U.S. equipment manufacturer serving the defense, aerospace, automotive, transportation and energy industries, has deployed more than 30 GoCanvas mobile apps across the organization to manage equipment manufacturing safety inspections and workflow, quality control and other paper-based processes.

GoCanvas provides a technology platform for any business to easily find, customize and create mobile business apps. As a Michigan-based corporation with more than 700 employees and six major plant locations across the State, Demmer Corporation sought to rapidly and cost-effectively shift from paper forms historically used at plant facilities for equipment manufacturing to a mobile solution that could improve the quality, safety and efficiency of equipment manufacturing processes.

“The manufacturing process at each Demmer plant involves several critical components such as welding, machining, assemblingDemmer and GoCanvas Mobile Apps and painting, and our ability to conduct regular safety and workflow inspections was hampered by paper-intensive processes that delayed action and occupied valuable personnel,” said Kevin Ouellette, Quality Supervisor, Demmer Corp. “The GoCanvas mobile app platform is so intuitive that we created and deployed initial apps in a matter of days.”

Demmer is now using 30 GoCanvas apps on IPads and iPhones that have replaced more than 150 forms and paper-based processes. The GoCanvas mobile app platform has delivered several key benefits to Demmer Corporation since the mobile apps were first deployed in early 2012, including:

  •     More efficient use of key personnel – The crushing volume of paperwork required multiple inspectors filling out hundreds of inspection documents for managing various aspects of the manufacturing process. By eliminating paperwork and shifting to GoCanvas mobile apps, Demmer has been able to dramatically reduce the number of staffers required for inspections, freeing up these employees to perform other critical functions.
  •     Real-time access to data – Demmer’s data-driven customers sought real-time insight into the manufacturing process, and with GoCanvas apps Demmer could provide in-process inspection updates via mobile devices on-site, and in real time.
  •     Improved quality, efficiency of workflow – With numerous paper-driven processes for inspections, safety and workflow, problems that arose during the manufacturing process might not be fully determined for weeks – costing the company time, money, and resources, not to mention negatively impacting process quality and safety. By leveraging GoCanvas, all relevant individuals in the organization are notified in real-time when problems arise.

“Demmer has established itself as a world-class manufacturer of mission critical products, and like many of our customers it recognized Canvas’ platform could free up valuable IT resources, enable easier reporting and analysis of data, and dramatically reduce paperwork,” said James Quigley, CEO, GoCanvas. “Providing Demmer employees with the ability to use GoCanvas mobile apps for barcode scanning, photo capture and inspection reporting has actually spurred deployment of iPads and iPhones, which is great to see.”

Thousands of businesses have leveraged Canvas’ cloud-based solution to find, customize and build business apps that work on a wide variety of Android, Apple, Android and Windows mobile devices. In addition, GoCanvas has developed the first mobile business application store of its kind, allowing business users to find mobile applications specific to their needs, or use the GoCanvas App Builder tool to customize and create their own apps.


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