Delivery Confirmation Apps Save Time & Money for Australian and New York-based Companies

By Jason Good on November 5, 2012

Delivery Confirmation Apps
What does a high-end digital printing company in New York City have in common with an Australian distributor of innovative technology products?  Both companies were previously using paper-based delivery confirmation forms (or proof of delivery forms) and are now both using GoCanvas!  Mobile devices are great for capturing time and date stamps, signatures, and other data crucial for a delivery confirmation.

A common issue for any company (big or small) delivering items to customers is having proof that a customer actually received the item.  The big delivery companies (Think FedEx or UPS) have used hand-held devices for years to capture signatures as proof of delivery.  All of us have probably been through this.  They show up at the door, they ask for your last name and type it into a device, then they hand you a device and ask you to sign it with a stylus.  The device captures the time and date and location of the delivery.  It takes less than a minute typically for this entire transaction to occur.

With the latest mobile technology, any business can use the tools that the big boys have used for years for a fraction of the cost!  And two recent GoCanvas subscribers have done just that.

The printing company in New York City makes deliveries throughout the city.  Posters, brochures, restaurant menus, and anything else that needs printing all has to be delivered to their customers.  He now has a customized delivery confirmation app on his Droid RAZR phone where he can quickly capture the information about his delivery.  A copy of the delivery confirmation is emailed back to the office and is stored on Canvas’s servers.  In case there is ever an issue where the customer complains about not receiving their print job, the confirmation can easily be located and the name of the person that took delivery can be identified.  This printing company doesn’t have to print their own delivery confirmation forms anymore either!

Our Australian distributor had the same exact challenge with paper forms and now has a similar GoCanvas solution in place for their business.  They now have a proof of delivery app on their iPhone and they also capture a signature from their customer.  Each delivery confirmation form is stored on Canvas’s servers where they can be searched quickly and easily if there is ever an issue.

Delivery confirmation apps and proof of delivery apps are common uses of GoCanvas.  GoCanvas has allowed these two companies to customize their own app so they capture only the information they need for their respective businesses. We have pre-built delivery confirmation apps in the GoCanvas Application Store that can be customized, too.  Here is one!  You could include GPS coordinates on your confirmation to further prove that something was delivered!  Here are some with GPS functionality!  Or maybe you even want to utilize barcode scanning for your delivery confirmation app!  With GoCanvas, you can confirm deliveries just like the big boys!

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