Danger Signs: 3 Things to Avoid in Mobile Apps for Business

By keith bateman on January 13, 2014

The world of mobile apps can seem like the world in The Matrix to a small businesses . That’s why I am here, from the future, to give you the tips to avoid when going paperless with you business. Here are three things to avoid as you decide the right option for you.

You can protect your business (source)


1) Avoid the Freebies:

Nothing that costs NOTHING or .99 cents is going to be sustainable for your business! These options will be only a cute add-on or something that you can tell your colleagues about, but it’s not going to significantly help your long-term ROI 4 out of 5 times. Mobile business apps are an investment in going paperless, improving the way you do business internally and externally. By making your data collection processes stronger, you will see the return in your bottom line. 


2) Keep it Simple:

Many times customers come to GoCanvas with a paper form, and expect the form to just show up on the phone or tablet for them to fill out. But if that were the case, wouldn’t you just continue to use the paper forms? Good transitions take time. Going mobile will cut down the amount of time it take to fill out your forms. This can happen in different ways including drops down lists, pre-populated fields, check boxes, signature capture, and even image capture all on one reporting screen. 


3) Don’t Settle:

The reason you are searching for a mobile solution is because you have a need or a problem that you are trying to remedy. Keep this in mind when not only looking for an mobile application, but when speaking with any salesperson or support. Let them know exactly what you are trying to do.  The more information you share, the easier it is to find or build the right solution for you!


Can Going Mobile Benefit You?

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