Customer of the Month: GoCanvas Mobile Apps on iOS Strips Away Paper Forms From Clothing Free Resort

By scott shea on June 4, 2012

Mobile App for Resort - Canvas

Recently, a world famous clothing free luxury resort started using GoCanvas last month.  This premier travel destination has decided to go mobile with their daily room inspections. When patrons leave the resort from a stay of bare-skinned fun, the inspectors will go in to make sure all is well.  The resort has apps for the Condos and Villas as well as the hotel rooms.

Prior to using GoCanvas, the resort used pen and paper to handwrite all the information to ensure there was a clean room for the next guests.  Once the information was captured, it would manually have to be transferred back to the office and input into a database.  By switching to GoCanvas, the information is now easily entered on an iPad, stored on the GoCanvas servers and cloud, and can be viewed back in the office in real time once submitted.  This process has streamlined the resort’s business allowing guest turnover to be much faster at the au naturel haven.

The form was created by the resort using the GoCanvas App Builder.  The builder is extremely user friendly, requiring no IT or web development knowledge.  The customized app built by the resort inspects practically all aspects of a room you can think of– from the door knob to the coffee maker.   By subscribing to an unlimited plan, the denuded hideout is able to complete as many inspections forms as needed every single day!

Sign up for GoCanvas at  and enjoy the service free for 30 Days!  You can build your very own apps like this disrobed tourist center, or you can check out our Application Store which has thousands of pre-built apps which can be download for free!