Custom Mobile App Building: Getting Started

By katie simpson on September 11, 2013

Building a custom mobile app is one of the things our customers often get most excited about when they start using GoCanvas. Whether you’re an HVAC or a rock climbing business, here are some questions to think about as you build your own app

1. What type of data are you collecting?

While this may seem obvious, answering this question will help you choose features within our app builder. For instance, an oil company inspecting rigs can find GPS capture and photo capture helpful to map their rigs and show visual proof of the rig as well.

Restaurant Image (source)

On the other hand, a restaurant wouldn’t find GPS helpful for taking inventory. If you already have your own data, such as an inventory catalogue, our reference data feature would be great. Upload your csv file, and pre-populate lists or checklists for inventory, inspections, or surveys.

Learn more about using reference data here

2. Who will be viewing this data?

Different organizations collect information for different audiences. An interior designer, for instance, fills out an invoice calculating cost of material and labor, to give their clients. On the flip side, a manufacturer doing safety inspections of forklifts, will keep that data for internal safety precautions.


With GoCanvas, every submission generates a pdf form that you can easily send out to clients or your staff. You can customize what information shows up on your pdf, or send us your form and we can create a custom pdf to match it (at a small additional charge).

Want to learn more about this feature? Check out these links below:

Customize Your PDF
Hide Fields in your PDF
Send Us Your Form

3. These are great features, but why does my organization need an app?

GoCanvas does more than replace your paper form: we expand your ability to collect, store, and share your data. With a mobile app, organizations upload information faster. No longer do you need employees spending hours uploading and organizing data. Once a submission is finished, it uploads immediately into the cloud. Faster collection of data means quicker response times to your customers, too.

GoCanvas also saves organizations money by reducing the costs from human error. From losing forms, to incorrect calculations, making mistakes happen to us all. Organizations of all sizes have wasted time and money in the struggle with paper forms. One organization saved $10,000 a month switching to GoCanvas!  

Our apps save you from these hassles. Need to calculate a parts order? The app can do it for you. Have important notes about a client? Type them into a text box and never deal with messy handwriting again. Need a roof inspection checklist? We can customize any app for you.

Want to know how much you could save? Calculate Your ROI

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For morer information on building a mobile app, check out our article on building a GoCanvas application.