Custom Mobile App 101: Build Your Own Mobile App with GoCanvas

By mary qin on September 11, 2014

Welcome to GoCanvas! Today we’re going to go over Custom Mobile App 101 so you can easily build your own mobile app with GoCanvas.

Setting up

To get started, go to or the GoCanvas app and log in to your account. If you do not have an account yet, sign up for a free trial!

Once you’re logged in, navigate to “My Apps” and click “Create New App” on the left, or simply click the plus sign on the mobile app. 

First, give your app a name and description. For this example, we will make a work order. Let’s call it ‘my work order’. Then click “Save and Launch App Builder”.

Building your app

Now you want to name your screen. You can think of a screen as a group of fields in a section of your form, such as billing information or materials list. Let’s call this ‘Customer information’.

  • Then, we select the screen layout. I will keep this as “Labels Above”.
  • Click “done,” and now you can add fields to this screen. To add a field, just click on it or drag and drop. I want to collect the customer name, so I will use a text field. Give it a label and click done.
  • Continue adding fields like this [add address, city, state]
  • For state, I want to use a value list, which will create a dropdown menu. I can type in my own values, or in this case, I can easily populate it with the states.
  • For zip code, I want to make it easy for users to type the numbers on the number pad, so in the advanced section, I will choose the style number.
  • Finally, I want to capture the date and time.

Your initial work order app is now built to your feature preferences and customizations.

Creating a second screen

Now I will add another screen and name it ‘Work Information’. This time I will choose the screen layout “list (simple)” so I can list all the work items.

I’m prompted to label the items I want to list. Here I’ll put ‘Service Issue’, so I can input things like broken heater, leaking pipe, etc.

Now I can add fields to collect more information about this item. Let’s add an image capture to document the problem.

I’ll add a multi-line text for typing out a description. Finally, I’m going to put in the price.

How to make a summary screen

Lastly, I will create a final screen to summarize everything. I can use the summary field to auto-sum all the prices I listed for the service issues.

Then I can add a calculation to auto-calculate tax. After the total, I can insert a customer signature for approval.

Now that I’m done creating the app, I’m ready to publish it to my users. Click “Save” and then “Save, close, publish”. Here I can choose the users to assign the app to. Click “Publish” and your users will receive a notification that they have been assigned this app.

Awesome, you’ve created your first GoCanvas app!

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