What is the Best Checklist App?

By Nick Mirisis on December 18, 2019
Tags: Data Collection

How to Create Your Own Checklist Application

Checklists are an efficient way to keep your company’s tasks and processes organized. Mobile checklists are even more efficient with their dynamic features and the elimination of hassles associated with paperwork, such as lost or damaged forms, illegible handwriting and incorrect information. So which mobile checklist app is the best for you? At GoCanvas, we think your perfect checklist is the one you create yourself. Here is more information about creating your own checklist app using GoCanvas.

Checklist App Templates

Making a customized application is easy when you partner with GoCanvas. The GoCanvas system has thousands of pre-built checklist templates – many of which were created for specific industries – for users to access. Each of these checklists are completely customizable to your business and its process preferences. Some of the most popular industry-specific checklist templates offered by GoCanvas include:

Each of these templates can be edited using GoCanvas’ simple “drag and drop” app builder tool. You can even add your company’s logo, name, and other branding information. To view the full range of GoCanvas template offerings, browse the GoCanvas Application Store today.

Custom Checklist App

Your own best checklist app might not exist yet, which is why you have the option to quickly and easily create your own personalized checklist application. The app creation process is made simple by the GoCanvas system, with an easy-to-use platform, accessible resources, and responsive customer support. GoCanvas also lets you include advanced checklist features and integrations to tailor your app to best suit your company’s checklist processes.  

Custom Checklist App

Mobile Checklist Features

The advanced features that help mobile checklists stand out from paper variants include the GPS location capture, image capture, signature capture, and so much more! These features can all revolutionize your company’s checklist processes. For example, if you are on a job site and completing an inspection, you can mark your GPS location directly into the checklist to provide comprehensive documentation of your visit. 

Throughout the inspection, if there are any specific points that you feel should be documented, the GoCanvas inspection checklist app lets you add an image directly into the document. Once you are finished with the inspection, the GoCanvas app also lets you add a signature capture form field, so you will be able to sign off that the inspection is completed. Best of all, the mobile nature of these forms allows you to share or save the checklist instantly. 

Benefits of Checklist Apps

The advanced features and convenient nature of mobile checklist applications can substantially benefit your business. This is perhaps most evident in the reduction of paper waste and the reduction of costs associated with paper e.g. ink toner, paper reams, time spent driving forms back to the office and more.  These benefits help your business save money while becoming more environmentally friendly. Digital checklists also reduce the risk of lost, damaged, incomplete, or illegible documentation. Easily accessible from your smartphone or tablet, mobile apps also make it easy for you to take your checklist processes with you wherever you go. Ultimately, mobile checklists provide enhanced convenience while helping you save both time and money on your checklist processes. 

Get GoCanvas

Are you ready to start creating your own mobile checklists using GoCanvas? The knowledgeable GoCanvas experts are available to guide you along the way as you convert your paper processes to mobile. If you have a paper checklist that you use regularly, send it to GoCanvas and our professionals will convert it to a mobile form for you. Try GoCanvas for free to start building your checklist apps today!