Create a Work Order App, in 20 Minutes or Less

By dean davies on June 3, 2014

Paperwork: it’s a nightmare. A lot of companies have to deal with lost, damaged, or illegible work orders every day. A missing work order means that it will take more time correcting problems and getting the job done; and as many companies know time equals money.

With GoCanvas, you can create a custom digital work order that saves instantly to the cloud. Don’t spend anymore days fishing through a service van looking for crumpled, coffee-stained work orders hiding under the seats. Don’t spend hours staring at your computer for redundant data entry. Create a custom work order, in 20 minutes.

Here’s how:

Sign Up for a Free Trial

Go to and sign up for our free trial, completely risk free.

Launch Your App

Go to the My Apps page and click the “Create New App” button on the left side.

Here’s where you can name your work order. For this one we’ll go with “20 Minute Work Order”. You can also set a description for your work order from this page. Now click on the “Save and Launch App builder” button.

Welcome to the app builder, this is where you can create and edit any of your GoCanvas apps.

Building Your App

The first thing you’ll see is the “Add Screen” window.

The best way to think of screens is like the pages of your form, only without length restrictions. They provide great ways to break your work order into sections.

Since this will be the first part of the work order, we’ll name this first screen “Customer Information” and then click the “Done” button on the bottom of the window.

You’ll see the screen name is now in the “App Outline” panel on the left. This is the overview of all of the screens in your app.

Now we’ll start adding in fields. Fields are the pieces of information that people can fill out on your apps. We can add them by dragging them over from the “Palette” pane on the right side into the main window in the middle.

We’ll start by dragging over a simple “Text Box” field. From here we label it “Customer Name” and click on the “Done” button at the bottom.

To add an address field, we’ll drag over another “Text Box” and name it “Address”. Then we repeat this process four times, naming the fields City, State, Zipcode, and Phone Number.

Since we’ve finished the customer information section, we’ll add another screen to our app. Click on the blue “Add Screen” button from the top row.

For this section of the work order, we’ll focus on the work performed. So, we’ll name this “Work Performed” and hit the “Done” button.

Now drag over a “Date” field from the palette on the right, and label it “Start Date”. Then we’ll repeat that step for our “End Date” field.


The next step is to add a “Multi-Line Text” field from the palette, and name it “Description of Work”. This will allow a worker to enter in a detailed description of the job.

More than a written description, let’s add a visual too. Drag an “Image Capture” field underneath the “Description of Work” field. Label it “Photo of Completed Work”.

Creating a Simple List

The next section we’ll need is a list of materials used on the job. To be able to add multiple items in a list we’ll need a “List Screen”. So, click on the blue “Add Screen” button and when the add screen box pops up find the drop-down menu labeled “Screen Layout”. Select “List (Simple)” from the drop-down, and then name the screen “Materials”.

Then, an “Edit Field” box will pop up. This is the first field that we will be building our list with. Let’s name this field “Item Description”, and click “Done”.

After describing the item, we’ll want to know the cost of it. So, drag an “Integer” field over to this screen and label it “Item Cost”. Then we’ll add one more “Integer” field and label it “Quantity”.

Adding Calculations

GoCanvas apps can also automatically calculate the cost of the items used. To do this, drag over a “Calculation” field and place it underneath the Quantity field.

The calculation we’ll be doing is: Item Cost x Quantity.

So, once the calculation field box pops up, you’ll want to find the “Calculation” area in the middle of the box.

We need to select the fields for calculation. The first field selected in the drop-down box to be “Item Cost”. Then click “Add Field”. Change the drop-down menu to “*(Multiplication)”, and the drop-down box under that to “Quantity”. Now label the field “Total”.

Finally, we need to add one last screen and label it “Verification”. Once you’ve added the new screen, drag over a text-box and label it “Employee Name”. To top off your work order, add a “Signature” field underneath “Employee Name”, and label it “Signature”.

Saving and Publishing Your App

To finish your work, click on the green “Save” button in the top-left. To be able to use your work order right away, select, “Save, Close, and Publish”. On the publish screen, select who you want to have access to the app, and click the “Publish” button on the bottom.

Congratulations, you have just built a fully-functioning work order app! Test it out on your mobile device to see how it works.

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