shaking hands after signing construction contract

Simple Contract Templates for the Construction Industry

By The GoCanvas Team on October 10, 2021

shaking hands after signing construction contract


Need to leverage contract templates when working with customers? This article covers how contractors can use digital contract templates to simplify the process with easy-to-use software for contract management.


Why Contractors Should Leverage Contract Templates

It’s always a best practice to have an agreement in place when rendering services for a client. For companies with field service teams, a typical workflow is to have a contractor and their team working on site to perform maintenance, repairs, and other types of work for the client. 

Unfortunately, disputes are common and people can misunderstand the scope of work or timeline for projects. Disputes can lead to lost time, materials, and productivity, as well as potential legal risks. Having a contract or agreement in place before work begins will allow you to be in the best position should a dispute arise. Your bases are covered with a contract that clearly defines the work to be performed, clearly documenting the specifics of what’s included with the services. 

This helps avoid misunderstandings and can provide a better experience for the customer. With clearly defined contracts, the customer has a digital copy of the terms of working together and gets greater transparency into what’s included. Both parties sign off on the contract, setting a clear agreement to reference in case of a dispute.


Benefits of GoCanvas vs. Paper Forms and Documents

You may be asking yourself why you can’t use a Word document, Google Document, or even a simple paper form to manage contract templates. While paperwork and word documents are common solutions, they also create a great amount of risk to your business and they create manual processes that kill productivity.

Digital forms and apps, like GoCanvas, are a better alternative to paper forms or Google documents for managing contracts. GoCanvas provides solutions built for the field, helping thousands of contracting professionals to better manage their workflows and documentation. When it comes to contract templates, there are many reasons why it makes sense to use a mobile form solution. Here is a quick comparison of GoCanvas versus paper forms and word documents:


Lost Paperwork

Losing documents is not something you can afford to do when it comes to managing your contracts. If disputes happen, you need to have the file on hand and lost paperwork would mean you are at a loss in that scenario. Unfortunately, paper forms and even word documents can become easily lost. Files can become misplaced, overwritten, or accidentally deleted from a computer. Paper forms can get lost in the shuffle between the field and office, or they can be misplaced or misfiled, making them difficult to find.

Apps for contract management like GoCanvas provide a simple solution to this problem. With documents managed in the cloud, contracts are always available in a central platform. Having files backed up and stored securely in the cloud ensures best practices for record keeping and provides an easy way to manage all signed documents.


Clear Documentation

Another benefit of using digital tools like GoCanvas is the ability to clearly date and sign contracts with electronic signatures. Digital processes allow you to require fields like a signature before a work order can be initiated, helping to ensure that agreements are signed before work kicks off. Having a signed PDF contract provides a strong record of an agreement. If changes to the scope of work are required, digital solutions like GoCanvas can help to manage this process and document updates along the way.


Improved communication.

Paperwork and word documents are simple solutions, but don’t provide the best experience for the customer. The customer may lose track of their copy of an agreement on paper, but digital solutions provide a better way to communicate with the customer. Everything is managed using digital forms and signatures, with reports available to be sent out via email to confirm the agreement and share a copy of the final PDF report. A fully digital experience is expected and appreciated by customers, who prefer to use digital channels for communication.


Easy-to-use field solution.

Paper work creates manual processes in the field when documents need to come back to the office. Plus, data entry is required once forms are back in an office, creating even more work for operations teams. Word documents were not designed to be managed in the field either, limiting the ability for field teams to use them on a mobile device. 

Solutions like GoCanvas provide an easy-to-use field solution for contractors. All of the digital forms can be completed from a mobile device or tablet, and they don’t even need an internet connection to access the apps on their phone. If contractors or agreements are collected on site by contractors, all of this can be completed from a tablet. Collect signatures, generate PDF reports, and capture all of the information needed right from a mobile device.


How to Get Started with Contract Templates

It’s easy to get started with GoCanvas for contract templates and other forms needed for your contracting business. Here is a brief overview on how it works:


Choose a template based on use case. Select a contract template from the GoCanvas app store, with thousands of pre-built templates for contractors. 


Customize the template based on need. GoCanvas templates are easy to customize for your business needs, allowing you to change the documents based on your specific use case or customer needs.


Assign work in the field. GoCanvas provides process management tools like dispatch and workflow, so you can assign, manage, and streamline work in the field.


Collect signatures on agreement. GoCanvas supports digital signatures to allow for contracts, agreements, and any other forms your contracting business uses for documentation like time cards, work orders, and more.


Receive email with copy of signed agreement. An email copy of the branded PDF report can be generated to instantly share a copy of the document or form with customers or project stakeholders.


Access documents in central cloud location. Easily access all of your documents in the cloud with GoCanvas, or integrate data with other cloud-based tools your business already uses like Dropbox, Google, and more.


To see how it works, get started by selecting a GoCanvas contract template based on your contracting business needs. You can also contact our team any time and we can walk you through the product and answer any questions you may have about leveraging digital technology for your business.