Why Use a Mobile Forms App for your Construction Business

By Nick Mirisis on October 22, 2019

7 Reasons You Need Mobile Forms for your Construction Business

The construction industry is competitive, but with the right productivity tools, you can help your company stay ahead. With the current construction trend of rapidly adopting digital processes, a mobile forms app may be the digital boost that your construction business is missing. Learn more here about how a mobile forms app can help your construction company thrive. 


Improve Communication Between Field Techs and Home Office

Eliminate the communication gap that exists between your employees in the office and those in the field. Using a mobile forms app, you can easily dispatch important information and forms such as work/service/repair orders, as well as other documents to and from the office, directly to your field tech’s mobile device. This ease of communication makes your team more efficient and can improve your company’s overall productivity. It also means your techs spend a lot less time driving to and from the office. 

Mobilize Construction Documents

Bring your documents with you wherever you go without the fear that they may be lost or damaged on the job site. This includes your audits, work orders, bids, estimates, checklists, proposals, FLHA’s and more – all of which are available right from your mobile device.  With digital processing and mobile sharing, you never have to worry about another misplaced form again. 

Incorporate Photos into Documents

Are you looking for a better way to document your work on the job site? By enabling photo capture on your mobile forms app, you can add images directly onto your document. Your descriptions can now be accompanied by an internal picture, helping you better describe construction achievements, progress, issues, and more. Attach an image directly to your forms for reference and clarity to eliminate the time spent on questions and confusion.

Capture Signatures Digitally

Getting contract signatures has never been easier with a mobile forms app. These apps allow you and the client to sign and save directly through the program. Whether you are working with a subcontractor, a third party entity, or directly with the customer, you can get your forms and documents signed and saved through your mobile device. 

Improve Document Organization

Mobile form conversion can help you keep track of the files and paperwork that your construction company produces. You will never again lose or damage important paperwork in the shuffle of a high-paced construction job. This digital conversion also helps you eliminate clarity issues that messy handwriting can cause. Easily keep track of new and old customers and manage your growing business with ease when you take advantage of the organizational capacity that mobile forms provide. 

You can also easily organize your internal processes with construction checklists. Systemize your tasks and your team’s workload with team-wide calendars. This can help you streamline your workflow and ensure nothing important gets forgotten. 

Example: Ensure Safety Audits are Carried Out

Safety audits are a lengthy but important element of the construction process. With mobile forms, audits such as the popular Safety Inspection – Lockout and Tagout App can be quickly filled out right from a mobile device, edited, saved, and shared with all necessary parties. If a problem is spotted, the inspection can include photos, GPS location, detailed notes and sent immediately to the person or group responsible. This eliminates the trouble that paper safety audits can create such as lost, illegible or incomplete documentation. Since all documentation is stored in the cloud, should an OSHA inspector stop by, you can quickly retrieve and present your safety audits (and more). 

Implement and Deploy Quickly

If your construction business has a hard time sorting through the managerial tasks that a thriving company requires, a mobile forms app can help you streamline these processes. For example, a Time and Materials Log App can be completed right on your mobile device to ensure you are getting paid appropriately. IT Help is not required in this simple streamlining of digital processes for your construction business. Instead, a mobile form app makes it easy for you and your team members to do these tasks on your own. 

Mobile Forms App for Construction Businesses

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