Construction Business Hacks That Reduce Paperwork: Google Forms

By GoCanvas Team on November 4, 2022

The longer you’re in the construction business, the more you realize the need to reduce paperwork and digitize your forms. Otherwise, using paper forms increase the likelihood of paperwork errors, lost paperwork, and confusion among your staff and customers. 

Converting your paper forms into digital versions can save your construction company time, money, and a lot of frustration. If you’re ready to ditch the paper and go digital, this article is for you. 

Continue reading to learn how Google Forms and top-rated Google Forms alternatives can transform your construction company for the better. 

Create Digital Forms in The Cloud 

Google Forms allows you to transform, create and store customer forms in an organized manner. You can customize every form to fit the specific needs of your customers. The best part is since it’s stored in the cloud, you don’t have to worry about losing another form again. Further, any employee with access to your documents can make their own copies and make changes as necessary. 

Make Compliance Easier 

Businesses operating in the construction industry must meet compliance requirements and keep strict documentation. With that in mind, digital forms can make compliance a breeze compared to paper forms. 

Google Forms and similar online templates allow your company to create, transform, and safely store: 

Send Customizable Forms With Dynamic Fields to Customers 

When working with paper documents, it can be a pain to adjust and customize the forms to fit customer-specific needs manually. With Google Forms and similar online resources, your customers can use personalized forms that speak directly to their needs. 

Further, dynamic fields allow your forms to change automatically depending on responses to each field. Customizations available with Google forms include: 

  • Background and theme customizations (i.e., colors, fonts, images, etc.)
  • Multiple choice, linear scale, and randomized questions 
  • Layout customizations 

Easily Collect Data Using Google Forms Add-Ons 

Google Forms can be used for compliance, organization, space-saving, and more. However, one of the best features of form digitization is data collection. Imagine if you could calculate customer satisfaction rates, job costs, most in-demand services, etc., with the click of a button. 

How much would that help your business reach the next level? Regarding data collection and analysis, Google Forms doesn’t offer anywhere near the functionality and support of GoCanvas Construction Forms. 

However, it offers basic data collection features and add-ons that can be helpful for small construction businesses. 

The Best Google Forms Alternatives

Google Forms is one of the most widely used online form platforms, but that doesn’t make it the best. That’s because it doesn’t offer payment integrations, white label branding, advanced design customization, conditional logic questions, electronic signatures, etc.

If you need more robust solutions for your construction forms (i.e., integrations, powerful data collection, customization, dispatch capabilities, etc.), check out a few of the best Google Forms alternatives below. 

  1. GoCanvas Construction Forms GoCanvas Construction Forms offer the same capabilities as Google Forms but much more. In addition to basic features, GoCanvas Construction Forms offer countless construction templates, a user-friendly interface, app integrations, unrivaled support, and in-depth training. 
  1. Survey Monkey – If you’re looking for more advanced survey creation features, Survey Money is an excellent Google Forms alternative. However, a drawback of Survey Money is the cost compared to Google Forms and GoCanvas, and its focus on marketing (not construction). 
  1. Typeform – Typeform doesn’t offer the same functionality as apps like GoCanvas or Google Forms. However, if you’re looking for a simple form creation tool, Typeform has enough to deliver what you need on a limited scale. 
  1. Jotform – Jotform is another reputable Google Forms alternative. Similar to GoCanvas construction forms, it offers collaboration tools, workflow automation, version control, drag-and-drop features, payment integrations, and access controls. 

Learn how to simplify your tasks, increase efficiency, meet compliance requirements, and save money with GoCanvas below. 

Google Forms is Good – GoCanvas Forms Are Better – Try it Free Today

At GoCanvas, we work hard to make life easier for you and your construction team. Our digital construction forms help your team better communicate and collaborate on project logistics, equipment needs, project management timelines, data collection, and more. 

Key features of GoCanvas Construction Forms include: 

  • E-signature and photo capture
  • Pre-populated forms and dynamic fields 
  • Automatic location identification 
  • Real-time job site data analysis 
  • GPS to know where your team and equipment are 
  • Barcode scanning 
  • Construction form templates with easy customization options 
  • Creation and conversion of inspections, estimate sheets, work orders, time cards, contracts, and more 
  • Integrations with popular construction apps 
  • User-friendly mobile forms for all devices  (i.e., iPhone, Android, Windows, Mac, etc.)

Increase your efficiency and improve compliance with GoCanvas Construction templates and mobile apps. Try it today for free.