Construction Apps for iPhone, iPad, Android and Windows Desktop

By keith bateman on May 8, 2014

Every year I work with hundreds of construction companies, contractors and trade specialists. These companies range in size from small, one to five person operations to large nationally-recognized companies. GoCanvas has thousands of pre-made form apps designed specifically for construction companies, big and small.

For instance, our Construction, Repair & Improvement Mobile Apps & Forms page has over 5,300+ industry-specific apps.  You can edit any of these or build your very own customized construction app using our powerful app builder.

But what are the best construction companies using for their mobile apps? Here are my top three recommendations, so you can get started today.

Building Inspections: Losing the Clipboard, Gaining Time

Many of my clients come inquiring about a way to replace their cumbersome, lengthy, and sloppy inspection paper forms. GoCanvas has taken the next step and built a variety of building inspection apps. The features include:

  • Take photos (perfect proof when something isn’t up to code)
  • Signatures
  • Check boxes
  • Pre-populated fields (making inspections go even faster)
  • Dispatch and Workflow 

Our clients love using the mobile inspection forms on their construction sites because they can easily enter data on a specific location like they normally would with paper. As soon as they are finished they can upload the report to the cloud or even email a PDF copy of the report to customers, partners, or the home office. The data is then instantly securely stored. There is no delay between filling it out and sharing the date with anyone who needs to see it as soon as the job is done.

Easily Track Your Labor Costs With Time Cards

Almost every time I talk to a construction company using GoCanvas, they want to know about tracking time for their employees. The issue that comes up is that their employees never fill out their paper time cards on time, or never come into the office to fill in their hours on the computer.

This irritant has real ramifications. Payroll can get delayed by weeks at a time, and cost the company money because they’re not accurately tracking the hours of their employees.

Luckily, GoCanvas has created over 20 Time Sheet/Card applications for our users to download and use. This way an employee can have GoCanvas on his mobile device and fill out his name, job name, employee ID, and hours worked for the day/week, and instantly send it to payroll and the manager to review. Many of our construction users have gone further and linked the data from the GoCanvas Time Sheet/Card apps directly to QuickBooks and other software systems, eliminating the need to re-keying data.

 Work Order / Invoice Accurate and in Real Time 

One of the most popular uses of GoCanvas, especially in the construction/field service industries, is the mobile work order. With over 100 apps to choose from, GoCanvas has an app to fit any business’s needs. You can now go to a job site,  put in the information of the customer/location, explain the scope of work given, add the services rendered, the amount of hours spent, your hourly rate, and have it all calculated with a total service charge.

Then you can have the customer sign right on the device to the services and charges rendered, and send them a copy of the invoice instantly! No more messy paper or delays!

Are You Ready to Save Time and Money?

These are just some of the many ways construction companies are saving time and money with our construction apps. Sign up for a free trial and discover how much you can save