CompuDynamics Launches with GoCanvas Dispatch: Send Prefilled Forms to Mobile Workers

By kalliopi vlastos on May 24, 2013


Compu Dynamics, a Virginia-based company and leading provider of critical power and precision cooling solutions for data centers, network facilities, server rooms, operations centers, and other communications facilities is taking advantage of Dispatch, a new GoCanvas feature which allows them to send prefilled forms to technicians out in the field.

Since December, CompuDynamics has been using GoCanvas mobile apps to collect data on 18 different electrical service report applications. They recently joined our Dispatch Beta Test to see if they could eliminate some of the redundancy in the process of sending technicians out to certain jobs.

The applications that CompuDynamics uses requires their technicians to enter general information about the customer like company, address, and contact name before they could enter industry specific data and complete the form. This customer information is received in the office as a PO, and prior to using GoCanvas Dispatch CompuDynamics Administrator tried passing along the customer and job information a number of different ways:

1)     By printing out a paper form with the information – This required the technicians to come into the office, wasting valuable time and money that could be spent en route to a location or completing a job.

2)     With a phone call – This method was subject to mistakes as technicians might be driving while they need to take down the information. Additionally, it results in time wasted.

3)     With an email – Using an email is a good way to ensure more accurate information, but it doesn’t provide much of a “notification”. Typically, the Administrator would end up both calling and emailing to ensure that the tech was notified that the information has been sent.

With all of these options, a major inefficiency remained, the technicians still needed to re-enter the customer and job information into the paper forms, and subsequently GoCanvas apps. GoCanvas Disptach resolves this. With this new feature, someone in the office can now enter information through either a web interface or batch upload file. CompuDynamics uses the batch upload CSV file to enter customer/job information, but Dispatch can be used to send any information from the office to the field.

Once the Dispatches have been submitted from the office, the technicians receive a “push notification” on their devices alerting them that they have a new job to check in GoCanvas. By synchronizing their applications, their list of dispatches appears. They can select one to see the information entered from the office into particular fields and from there they can complete the job by providing new information.

dispatch push notification

CompuDynamics explained that it’s helpful because the technicians only have to fill out the information that they know and they no longer have to deal with re-entering the information that the admin receives via the PO. This new method saves both the admin in the office and the techs in the field lots of time. With 22 different forms at 5-6 pages each, the admin no longer has to check each one to make sure the customer information is accurate and that there are no blanks because she has entered this information herself. It gives the technicians more structure without requiring more of their time.

dispatch mobile

Additionally, the GoCanvas Dispatch Manager offers some transparency into the field. Administrators are able to see what Dispatches have yet to be received/viewed by technicians, which are in progress, and which ones have been completed. GoCanvas even provides a link to completed submissions as they are submitted from the field so that you can review them immediately.

dispatch manager

Are you interested in trying Dispatch for your business? Please check out our Help Topic for instructions on how to get started and reach out to for additional assistance.