Coming Soon to GoCanvas: Notifications

By James Braun on February 22, 2013

One of the advantages to GoCanvas is that it is an offline solution.  That means a user can use GoCanvas to fill in forms and collect data without having a connection to the Internet.  That’s great if a user doesn’t have coverage, but it means that an admin can update the user's account without them knowing.  So they could be completing submissions with an out-of-date app and not collecting needed information.  Or creating orders with incorrect prices because their reference data is out of date.  Or not completing dispatches because they had no idea new ones were assigned to them.

That’s where notifications come in.  It’s a new feature I’ve been working for Android and IOS Devices.  It will be released in the next couple of weeks.  Now an admin can choose to send a notification to their end users if they need to sync their GoCanvas Apps.  There will be a check box called “Send Notification” when an app is being published, when reference data is being updated, and when a dispatch is being assigned.  If checked the user will receive a notification telling them to refresh their apps by pressing the sync button. 

This is the first time GoCanvas has used notifications.  I’m sure we will be adding more uses in the future.  Can you think others?

Coming Soon - Notifications