Colorado Cattlemen’s Agricultural Land Trust Using GoCanvas & iPads to Inspect Easements

By Jason Good on May 19, 2012


How do you inspect 390,000 acres of land in 37 counties all over Colorado?  GoCanvas Mobile Apps, Verizon Wireless, iPads and a lot of driving through some of the most scenic land anywhere!

The Colorado Cattlemen’s Agricultural Land Trust (CCALT) helps landowners protect their farms and ranches with conservation easements. A conservation easement is a tool that prevents the land from ever being developed and provides landowners with much needed financial incentives.  Easements help sustain important agricultural lands and protect the lands, livelihoods, and western heritage of Colorado.  CCALT is obligated by law to enforce the terms of the easement in perpetuity to ensure that the landowner’s wishes are being adhered to and the public trust is preserved.  Verizon Wireless and GoCanvas teamed up to provide a solution to CCALT that allows them to document their annual visits to each property using iPads and a customized GoCanvas App.

Verizon Wireless brought CCALT to GoCanvas and a custom solution was developed to meet their needs.  CCALT submitted a copy of their Conservation Easement Monitoring Report to GoCanvas to convert to a customized GoCanvas App. CCALT then worked with GoCanvas to tweak their App and get it set-up just the way they wanted it.  Of course they can go in and edit their App anytime they want.  So as they change their report they can easily make those changes in GoCanvas and publish the latest version out to their users.

CCALT took advantage of many of Canvas’s features.  During their visits to each property they look out for agricultural improvements to the property, building construction, road construction or other changes.  Using GoCanvas they can document these changes with pictures that get inserted right into their report.  They can also capture the GPS coordinates of these changes and insert a map marking the location of these changes. To make things easy on their end-users, they also set up the GoCanvas App so they can choose a property from a drop-down menu and then have details about that property auto-populate.  Once a user chooses a property then the Easement Number, acres, landowner name, and other details are automatically entered into additional fields so they do not have be manually entered by the user while out in the field.  GoCanvas customers use this “Upload a Database” feature for things like price lists, customer information, and other details they want on their form but don’t want the user to have to enter by hand each time. CCALT estimates that the GoCanvas App will save them on average 10 hours of staff time per week.

CCALT has helped protect over 390,000 acres of Colorado ranchland across 37 counties in Colorado.  Fortunately GoCanvas will work “offline” without an Internet connection, too!  This is some of the most beautiful land you will find anywhere.  And GoCanvas is proud to play a small part in helping CCALT do this vital work.  There are some great Success Stories at CCALT’s website that are worth reading.  They also have a great deal of information about land conservation and the easement process.