Choose the Best Mobile App for Your Construction Business

By matthew bubna-litic on January 8, 2014

You’re in the construction business and want to know how mobile apps can improve your business. But, where do you start? The mobile app market can be a daunting place. There are thousands of options out there to choose from, offering all kinds of services. Don’t worry: I have some tips on how to find the right mobile app solution for your business.

You may be lost, but we can help you find your way. (source)

1. Do We Need the Triple Platinum Luxury App?

When browsing through the mobile app market it’s easy to get distracted by the variety of services. You can spend hours looking at services that sound great on paper, but are not really what your business needs. It’s important to decide early on what you are looking for from a mobile app service and stick to this. For construction, here are a few specific areas that can be improved with mobile apps:

  • Site/Safety Inspections
  • Timesheets
  • Job Tracking
  • Equipment Logs
  • Work Orders and Invoices

2. Keep It Simple

Mobile apps are capable of transforming your construction business. They can save you huge amounts of time and money, leaving your competitors in the dust. You can understand your business in new and insightful ways. 

However, too much of a good thing can work against you. New technology can be intimidating to some. You need to keep your construction team in mind when choosing a mobile app. It’s your team who will be using the technology at the end of the day.

Only together can you make your business a success (Easa Shamih, source)

Some questions to think about include:

  • What data do you need?
  • What does your team want? 
  • What will they use? 
  • What won’t they use? 
  • How can mobile apps improve their work?

Look for a mobile app solution that delivers the services you need in a user-friendly way.

3. Don’t Hold Back!

Mobile apps are being utilized in construction businesses all around the world. You can’t use a muddy worksite as an excuse not to have the latest technology. Today construction workers are as comfortable using a tablet or smart phone as they are using a drill or measuring tape.

To put it plainly: Not using mobile apps is the equivalent of still using a hammer and nails. 

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