Children’s Hair Salon Gets a Mobile Makeover with GoCanvas on iPad

By kalliopi vlastos on August 15, 2011

Children's hair salon uses Mobile Apps with Canvas

A cutting edge children’s hair salon based in Texas is setting a new trend by replacing paper forms with GoCanvas mobile apps on iPads. The salon has created an app for its new customers to fill out basic information. It’s a simple way to use GoCanvas, but it instantly creates an impact by reducing clutter and eliminating data reentry.

Prior to GoCanvas, the salon’s customers would fill out a paper form with their information, and then return it to the admin who  would carefully type the data collected into a spreadsheet. Now the only ones entering data are the customers. The salon  owners save copies of the GoCanvas generated PDFs for their files and export the raw data as a CSV file into Excel to keepntrack of customer purchased services. Transitioning to GoCanvas mobile apps served as a small change that made a big impact on both the salon and its customers.  

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