Child Wellness Organization Strengthens Nutrition Plans with GoCanvas Mobile Apps on Android and iOS

By andy adams on May 4, 2012

Childrens Health Apps and Nutrition with Canvas

A child wellness agency in Oregon has decreased its use of costly paper and increased its communication speed by deploying GoCanvas on a mix of Android and iOS devices.

The organization, which is responsible for monitoring the nutrition programs of children in group and foster homes, has put into use a number of apps to ensure all regulations are being met and children are receiving the best care possible.  Utilizing Canvas’s  intuitive App Builder, this organization has created a series of their own specialized forms with ease.

Agents enter the homes in which children are receiving care and utilize GoCanvas apps to collect all relevant information about the nutrition programs.  This information includes a checklist for compliancy, image capture to more effectively communicate the dining area and food the children are eating, and signatures certifying the information gathered is both complete and accurate.

Because this agency recognizes that both time and accuracy are of utmost importance when dealing with any mismanagement of children’s nutrition, they utilize Canvas’s secure data uploads to monitor and manage any issues that may arise.

In recognition of the great work many organizations and companies are doing with regards to childcare, GoCanvas has begun launching a series of Daycare Apps.  Download your own today to customize it, or if you have more specific needs Send us Your Form as a part of your free trial of GoCanvas!