Chesapeake Urology Chooses GoCanvas to Eliminate Inefficiencies

By scott shea on December 5, 2013

Chesapeake Urology is the largest Urology practice in Maryland, comprised of some of the top urologists in the greater Baltimore area.  Over the past several months, they’ve decided to speed up their office processes by eliminating paperwork.  Prior to using GoCanvas, the doctor would fill out the patient’s complaints on a piece of paper and physically bring it to the billing department.  With such a busy schedule, this process often meant serious delays for the billing department to process all this paperwork (not to mention the issue of doctors notoriously poor handwriting)!

Now, Chesapeake Urology has converted from antiquated paper forms to a custom mobile form with Canvas.  All of the doctors on staff use their smartphones.  Each doctor logs in with a unique email address and password.  They bring up the appropriate form and fill it out based on the patient’s description. 

One great feature in the switch is Conditional Branching.  This allows doctors to only view the relevant parts of the form.  What once was a long paper form becomes just a couple quick checkboxes and dropdowns, avoiding unnecessary questions and saving time!

After the information is compiled, the doctor completes the submission.  Since the submission is stored in the cloud, the billing department can immediately access it.  To make things even sweeter, GoCanvas is HIPAA complaint. So even sensitive material like patient information is securely stored.  Billing is able to capture each submission in real time and begin processing that day. 

Chesapeake Urology has even expanded their use of Canvas.  By using our Dispatch feature, off duty doctors can be alerted of emergency situations.  Dispatch allows someone to partially fill out a form and send it to a user.  The user receives a notification on their mobile device, and the partially completed form populates allowing the user to view, edit and add information to the form. 

If you’re in the Baltimore area looking for a Urology clinic, check out Chesapeake Urology today! Curious to learn more about mobile apps? See how you can reduce risk and save money with mobile apps