Chamberlain Contractors, Inc Paves the Way to a Paperless Future Using GoCanvas Apps on Android

By Jason Good on September 10, 2012

Chamberlain Contractors, Inc

Chamberlain Contractors, Inc, started their business in 1976 with two employees, a pick-up truck, and a striping machine.  Today they are a leading parking lot maintenance contractor in the Baltimore/Washington Metropolitan area with over 75 trained professionals on staff and over 150 pieces of specialized equipment.  They have not survived for over 36 years by sitting on their hands and doing things the way they have always been done.  So they recently decided to take advantage of the latest mobile technology by customizing their own daily report App with GoCanvas for their foremen to use on Android tablets by Motorola.

Chamberlain Contractors is based in Laurel, Maryland USA which is just around the beltway and up 95 North from us here at GoCanvas!  We love helping local companies go mobile!

Chamberlain Contractors, Inc

Chamberlain had been using paper forms to capture data about their jobs.  A report was compiled each day by the foremen and that report had to make its way back to the office at some point.  They were capturing the employees on the job and how many hours they were working.  They also captured information about the materials used on the job, the equipment used, the trucks on the job site, and some more details about each job.  They were having problems tracking employee hours accurately and getting the employees time sheet information back to the office in time to pay everyone.  The accounting department had major challenges chasing down all of the information needed in order to ensure that everyone was paid on time.  If a form was hard to read then that created a phone call.  If a form was missing then that created another phone call.  If a field was not filled in then that generated a phone call.  You get the picture! 

They spoke to their representative at Verizon who introduced them to GoCanvas and Motorola tablets.  We helped Chamberlain to customize a Daily Job Report App (But they really did most of it on their own!).  They now collect all of the data they need electronically and transmit it electronically back to the office.  The accounting team can export the data from GoCanvas into Excel and quickly calculate hours worked by each employee on each job.  They also capture a photograph of the completed job and insert that into their report.  The foremen can sign off on the report right on the tablet, too.

Besides all of the efficiencies gained here, Chamberlain Contractors are now the coolest pavers in town!  Now after laying 100 tons of asphalt or pouring a truckload of concrete their foremen break out their tablets and file their daily report.  The foremen are happier because they have fewer payday issues, fewer calls from accounting, and fewer trips to the office to turn in their paperwork.  Chamberlain Contractors is a more efficient organization which ultimately leads to better customer service and the ability to do more of what they get paid to do!

Contractors of all shapes and sizes are using GoCanvas for a wide variety of things.  Time Sheet Apps, Invoice Apps, Work Order Apps, Safety Inspection Apps, and much more are all available in our Application Store.  We have a whole section of our Application Store dedicated to contractors, in fact.  And all of them can be edited by our users right online using our powerful App Builder tool.

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