Celebrating Pride the GoCanvas Way

By nick mirisis on June 6, 2019
Tags: Culture

There are certain times of year where as a company, and a team, Diversity, Equity and Inclusion (DEI) take the spotlight. Our DEI philosophies, programs and values are deeply important to us, all year long.

We have DEI ‘policies’, and many of them could be considered progressive, but that isn’t what we are proud of. We are proud of the times our team members catch a stereotype before they fall prey to it. We are proud that our team members don’t hesitate to bring their significant others, regardless of gender or orientation, to our kick-off gala in January. We are proud that the LGBTQ+ members of our team can bring their whole selves to the office. We are proud that LGBTQ+ family members feel welcome at our company picnic.

At GoCanvas we believe relationships drive business, and everything we do is about connecting people. Connecting businesses to their customers, connecting to our Clients, forging deeper connections within our team, and connecting with our community. Diversity at GoCanvas is not a policy or a checkbox, it is our commitment to putting people first — a value we live and protect every day and in every interaction.