Cato Inc. Finds Warmth in GoCanvas – Propane, Oil & Gas Company Transitions to Mobile Apps on iOS

By scott shea on May 16, 2012

Oil Gas Propane Mobile Apps - Cato and Canvas

Cato Inc. has been serving the Delmarva, Maryland area for over 50 years for all Gas, Oil, and Propane needs.   Some companies with such extensive history might be hesitant about changing the way business is done.  Not Cato!  They have decided to take their business mobile leaving behind wasteful paper forms for more efficient mobile apps from GoCanvas.  With the purchase of new iPads, workers in the company will now be able to capture data electronically on the tablets, storing all the information on the GoCanvas cloud.

The gas, oil, and propane industries will always have workers out in the field.  Prior to using GoCanvas, Cato had its employees using dated pen and paper forms.   This obsolete way of recording tasks proved inefficient, costly, and an unnecessary exhaustion of Oil Gas Propane Mobile Apps - Cato and Canvaspaper!  GoCanvas was able to provide just the solution!  Taking full advantage of our user friendly app builder, Cato was able to drag and drop its way to all the mobile business apps it needs.  Now, they are collecting information on work and service orders, disclaimer forms, and security reports.  Cato can push all these apps out to workers so they can fill them out on a mobile device wherever they may be.  With one of Canvas’ newest features, Cato can even create Unique Submission Numbering to track all the work orders placed!

Cato has caught the GoCanvas bug and will be moving forward to create even more forms and introduce the service to even more employees.  Sign up for a free trial of GoCanvas and find out how your business can go paperless to too.

Build an app for yourself with GoCanvas!  Watch this short video demonstrating the ease of GoCanvas!

Check out our Application Store for thousands of pre-built apps that can be customized to suit your business needs!

If you live in the Salisbury, MD area check out Cato, Inc. or give them a call at 410-546-1215.