Careers at GoCanvas:  “From Campus to GoCanvas”

By keith bateman on March 6, 2013

As a recent December 2012 graduate of George Mason University (Go Patriots!), I was one of hundreds of thousands of young adults searching or constantly editing my LinkedIn account hoping that a prospective employer would hire me.

As a Sport Management major and a Business minor in college, I had this grand dream of getting my degree and becoming like Jerry Maguire.  But I soon found another calling, a most unlikely and somewhat unique one at that. Canvas Solutions, a mobile applications company that helps businesses convert their ordinary paper forms into digital applications, gave me the opportunity to show what I had to offer.

At first I was weary because, being 22 years old at the time; I really didn’t have much insight into the technology or the business world’s other than my internship experience. This was due primarily to my last few years of campus life having consisted of research papers, cafeteria food, all-nighters, and the occasional party.  Thus I began my research of GoCanvas, and I began to uncover all that it really encompassed.

The first thing I noticed when I researched GoCanvas was the “Our Team” page of everyone who worked for the company. I was not only able to see a detailed description about every employee of the company, but also see a picture of every person as well. It really gave me a sense that every employee has a voice and face in the company, and it was very cool to see the faces of my future co-workers.  Plus I found out that they produce and direct their own comedy sketches!? 


I soon went in for an interview, played with the App Builder (for 8 hours one particular night), and then 6 interviews later got the job!  The rest is history, and I love what I have become a part of today.

Over two weeks of training I learned that not only is GoCanvas a tool that can help any company from HVAC to government agencies, but that I wished I had known about it in college! GoCanvas could have saved me tons of time on my final thesis paper, especially when I had to collect and analyze 200+ surveys by hand with paper forms.  I also could have seen my two best friends, who were Residential Advisors on campus, using GoCanvas as a tool to record anything from accident reports to checking-out equipment. GoCanvas just makes daily operations of a business easier and more organized, and it still amazes me!

Today, being a young Mobile App Consultant, I am constantly walking around and seeing businesses that could use GoCanvas in some function. As a young person I am extremely excited to be a part of a company that is a part of a movement to help the world go paperless, active in giving back to the international community through the Ante-Up program where we give GoCanvas away for free and provide support for worthy causes, and ultimately helping businesses be more efficient on the bottom line. I love the ability to work with clients one-on- one every day and try to solve their business needs with GoCanvas and our almost endless features. I have yet to find one person who has said GoCanvas would not be a good fit for their company, and that’s what makes me proud to work here!