GoCanvas: How Did We Come Up With That Name?

By kalliopi vlastos on February 12, 2013

Fine Art Apps

Canvas. What an interesting name for a company that has nothing to do with art. I often receive questions about how we got our name, and to be honest, I'm not 100% sure. I know that it started out as a “working title”, with every intention of changing it but the name stuck.

Canvas Studios(CEO's Note: Actually Kalliopi is right the intention was the name GoCanvas was a place holder.  But the idea came from an original Original GoCanvas Logo and Imagesco-founder who came up with it during a brainstorming session.  The placeholder name was GoCanvas Studios, then Shortened to GoCanvas soon after.   You can see from the beginning the metaphor of a blank canvas for artwork and creating your own experience was something we loved. Plus some of us have always been art junkies…)

Some of us at GoCanvas like to think the name brings to light that GoCanvas represents the evolution from the very first expressions of art, which were painted onto cave walls some 40,000 years ago. Painting then took life on a “canvas” in the traditional sense of the word and today we work on an entirely different medium — one that's much more mobile, interactive, and dynamic. I wouldn't say that using the GoCanvas app accomplishes the same thing as making art, but I hope it makes your job a little more enjoyable and a lot more efficient so you can spend more time doing the things you love, be it painting, reading, running, or cooking.

We may not be a “canvas” app in the artistic sense of the word but being an art lover myself I thought I'd share a list of Android and iOS apps that are robust enough to give you an education in the Fine Arts courtesy of www.geeksugar.com. Art History sure wasn't like this when I was in school. For the full list click here

Vincent van Gogh

  • Van Gogh's Dream ($10) — This iPad-only app is a new, high-resolution window into the life and work of van Gogh. Read his letters, study his technique, and get a closer look at his complete body of work with this interactive mix of audio, video, and text.
  • Van Gogh Gallery (no longer available) — Android users can refer to this app for all their van Gogh questions. With over 800 paintings, including the title, where it was painted, year, and current museum location, this egallery is about as comprehensive as it gets.

Edgar Degas (my favorite)

  • Degas and the Ballet ($3) — The Royal Academy of Arts in London has never been more artfully represented than in the works of Degas. The app for iPhone and iPad features slideshows, videos, and audio of the corresponding exhibition's key works.
  • Edgar Degas (free) — This Android app includes the artist's most notable works, plus a biography and painting information.

Pablo Picasso

  • Picasso Gallery ($4) — This iPhone and iPad app features the artist's paintings, sculptures, prints, and more. Add notes on your favorite pieces, compare works, and share favorites with friends.
  • Pablo Picasso Wallpapers (free) — Choose from 30 handpicked, high-res images of Picasso's work to use as a wallpaper for your Android device.

Claude Monet

  • Best of Monet ($1) — All the paintings of Monet, in the palm of your hand. In this app for iPhone and iPad, share your favorites via email or Facebook, or save them to your Camera Roll.
  • Gallery Monet ($1) — This Android app has over 180 paintings that can be saved as wallpaper for your device.