GoCanvas & Zapier: Our 10 Favorite Ways to Use Apps with Zaps

By keith bateman on March 22, 2016

For those not overly familiar with Zapier (I was not until recently), they provide a platform in which you can seamlessly connect two separate web applications within minutes. So if for example you wanted to integrate QuickBooks data with Google Sheets, that would take about 2 minutes to complete!

Zapier has hundreds of similar pre-built software integrations which they call ‘Zaps’. You simply browse their list over of 500 apps they support and connect away!

If you’re not excited yet, you will be soon. The marriage of GoCanvas and Zapier together means almost unlimited software integration possibilities with a touch of a button. With these pre-built connections, you won’t have to worry about software development, API keys or bugging your IT team to build the data integration, perform the integration testing, etc.

Without further ado, here is a list of some of our favorite GoCanvas Zaps!

 GoCanvas + Google Calendar:

‘Zaps’ make it possible for example to schedule calendar events based on the information from a GoCanvas submission! Say you completed a Work Order and have a field in it called “Follow-Up Date.” When that work order gets submitted, Zapier will automatically pull the date from the “Follow-Up Date” field and create the event on your Gmail account’s Google Calendar! You can also set up naming conventions for your events based on the fields in your GoCanvas app as well.

 GoCanvas + Google Sheets:

Setting up a Zap with Google Sheets (Google’s version of Excel online) allows you to push information from your GoCanvas submissions into an existing spreadsheet. This allows you to quickly update spreadsheets hosted in Google Drive and avoid having to manually re-type the data into the online spreadsheet.

 GoCanvas + Mail Chimp:  

Creating a Zap with Mail Chimp can help you quickly add, update, or create new contacts, update your email list and email campaigns straight from your GoCanvas app. If you are collecting prospect or client information and use Mail Chimp to help manage and deliver digital marketing materials, GoCanvas can feed that information right into your mailing lists using Zapier. This can help you seamlessly merge your operations with your e-mail marketing initiatives.

GoCanvas + SQL Server:

By connecting GoCanvas to your SQL server via Zapier, you are able to auto-populate row data from your GoCanvas submissions! This takes out the manual process of exporting the Canvas data to Excel and then importing it into the SQL server database by hand.

GoCanvas + OneDrive:

The Zap with OneDrive cloud storage gives you similar functionality that GoCanvas currently gives you with our connectors to GoogleDrive, Dropbox and Box. Connecting with OneDrive will allow you to take the report you just completed with GoCanvas and automatically upload it to your folder of choice within OneDrive.

 GoCanvas + GoCanvas (Dispatching from one app to another!):

With Zapier it is now possible to submit a report using one GoCanvas App and have it fill another GoCanvas app! This is a very useful feature because now you are to share information from one app to another automatically and create a multi-step(multi-app) process!

 GoCanvas + Slack:  

One of the most popular inner-office communication programs today is Slack. With the help of Zapier, you can now connect the information from out in the field and have it auto-notify the right people within the office. So if you have a group of technicians using GoCanvas to complete work orders, you can set up a Zap to automatically send an alert via Slack whenever an order is completed!

If you would like to learn more about how to use Zapier with your GoCanvas account, check out our integrations resource page.