GoCanvas World Tour…  First Stop Australia!  October 19 – November 2, 2012

By James W Quigley on September 24, 2012

Canvas World Tour Hit Australia

We couldn’t be more proud of the amazing fast growing usage of the GoCanvas service.  On the list of “amazing” is that organizations and individuals using GoCanvas are almost equally distributed throughout the world.  With that in mind we have some big plans to take our mission of connecting businesses to their employees and customers remotely &  digitally and make it even more accessible around the world.

In line with our amazing growth around the globe – We are going to be launching regional promotional initiatives and in key locations providing staff to offer local support.   Our first stop on our world tour is Australia!

To put this into some perspective, since the beginning of this year we have had some nearly 16,000 cities visit our website, representing Australia at the very top was Sydney at #3 most visited city of 16,000, and Melbourne at #10.  This has led to some amazing uses of our product down under and we have been signing up new subscribers throughout the 6 Australian States and two Territories from the very beginning of launching GoCanvas.  Here are just a few stories from our own blog, and they represent just a fraction of our subscribers in Australia:

Australian Skin Therapy Center Removes the Wrinkles of a Paper Trail: Uses GoCanvas on iOS

Australian Mobile IT Technicians Meet their Match with GoCanvas Mobile Apps on Android Devices

Let’s Get Digital: Australian Electrical Company Makes the Switch from Paper to GoCanvas Apps on iPhone and iPad

W have have been showing love along the way for our friends down under with features that support Australian Time Date Settings and advanced Time Zone setting features.  We have also been launching a broader variety of Australian Apps in our Application Store, with apps that support many major Australian Industries.

This year we even named an Australian Organization, The Dandelion Support Network, as our  inaugural “Ante Up” best use of mobile technology by a Non Profit award!

To amp up our growth into Australia,  I will personally be introducing GoCanvas to our friends in Sydney and Melbourne from October 19th – November 2, 2012 where I will be meeting with local customers and partners.  Want to meet up and learn more about GoCanvas,  interested in joining the GoCanvas team or want to learn how to get the most out of your current GoCanvas service?  Drop me a line and I will keep you in the loop on some of our regional meetups, or I will schedule a time to stop by:  James.Quigley@GoCanvas.com

Looking forward to meeting our friends in Australia!