GoCanvas Together w/ Verizon Deliver Mobile App Solution to Pharmaceutical Company on Motorola Xoom

By Joe Gatto on January 25, 2012

Pharmaceutical Company Goes Mobile with Verizon and Canvas

This west coast based pharmaceutical company was searching for a better way to capture accurate information on product samples left with new and existing physicians offering their product line.  Prior to the Verizon/Canvas solution, sales personnel filled out paper-based forms when dropping off product samples. This involved manually entering all practitioner information including name, address, state license number, and lot numbers for products etc. Not to mention all sales representative information such as territory number, employee ID number, territory manager, etc. Additionally, separate information needed to be obtained when meeting with a new prospective client/physician.

By leveraging our Send Us Your Forms program and their Motorola Xoom Tablets, this organization was able to get up and going quickly replacing their paper forms with GoCanvas mobile apps.  The customer used basic drop-down lists to easily handle common data fields that were entered on a consistent basis (i.e., Sales Rep Name, Employee ID, Manager Name, etc.). In addition the customer uploaded their customer database using “Reference Data” so that physician information automatically populated into the appropriate fields when selecting the customer name from a drop-down menu. All of this and the information is sent back in real-time and directly uploaded into the customer’s back-end system in an end-to-end HIPAA compliant environment!

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